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Dairy farming sisters win hearts over lip sync performance of ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ while tending to cows

If you’ve lived on a farm or worked on one, you’d know how demanding and seemingly endless the work is.

Farmers need all the help they can get to accomplish the enormous tasks at hand. And if they have their family around to help them that’s much better.

Getting your kids to do some farm work, let alone housework, isn’t easy for some parents. But the adorable girls of the Wright family in DeKalb, New York, are just delighted to pitch in and help out their parents, John and Nichole, who are third-generation dairy farmers.

The girls cheerfully help with everything that’s needed on the dairy farm, from tending the cows to cleaning the barn, pitching hay, and mucking stalls.

It’s not an easy task for adults, more so for kids, but the three girls are ready to take on the challenge.

Besides, they have a fun and cute way of passing the time while doing their farm work. They belt out their favorite tunes, put on performances, and spread positivity to whoever hears their songs and watches their routines.

While many kids perform in their bedrooms mimicking their favorite artists, the Wright sisters have their family’s barn as their concert stage.

They started with only the munching cows and maybe some other farm animals as their audience, But their mom, Nichole, films their performances and posts them on Facebook, much to the delight of many people all over the world.

The Wright sisters, 14-year-old Madisyn, 12-year-old Bailey, and 8-year-old Peyton, are great at improvisation. They incorporate their rakes, pitchforks, and other farming materials into their dramatic performances.

They use their fists as microphones, brandish imaginary electric guitars, and put on awesome shows.

A 2-minute and 40-second video of them wearing their work clothes and boots while singing along to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” in the barn has garnered millions of views on Facebook and has been shared over 220,000 times, boosting the girls’ popularity online.

The three lasses were just having fun and enjoying what they do. Little did they know that their video was going to go viral!

People from all over have commented on how cute they are and how music is actually nice for animals to hear.

“Well you have three great girls there, a credit to you, and they say music is good for the animals!” one said.

“This is my go to video when I need a smile. What adorable girls!” one YouTube user commented.

If you grew up with siblings, this video of the three dairy farming sisters belting their hearts out will surely bring back happy childhood memories.

Many of us probably did this type of thing when we were kids. However, not every performance landed online, or maybe, the internet didn’t exist back then. Lucky for today’s generation, a simple way of having fun and spreading cheer can be easily shared.

They actually created the video to show their support for farmers and as a challenge to spread joy during this difficult time of low milk prices.

Many dairy farmers have joined the internet challenge and filmed their own performances, sharing them online with the hashtag #dairydanceoff.

The dad of the dairy farming sisters, John Wright, said told NNY 360: “Right now, the dairy industry is in a crisis. This Dairy Dance Off was kind of designed to bring positivity to a negative time, that’s all it was for. We don’t want the story to be three little girls who went viral and that’s it. We want it to be three little girls who went viral with a message.”

Watch the Dairy Farming Sisters’ cute moves in the video below and have your share of the good vibes from these future pop queens!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.