German city builds futuristic-looking ‘nests’ to protect the homeless from cold winter nights

The winter months are tough for many of us, but these cold nights can be a nightmare for the homeless. Due to the lack of shelter, homeless people are at risk of getting frostbite during the frigid winter days. A team of six entrepreneurs and technical experts are trying to tackle this growing problem head-on by

Mom encourages sons to keep tampons in their backpacks in case female friends need them

As a society, we’ve come a long way in dealing with gender and race discrimination issues. However, when it comes to the subject of menstruation—a natural bodily process—many people still view it as a source of humiliation. Periods have long been a taboo topic, and it’s about time we change it. This mom of four

This school is teaching teen girls important life skills like changing tires and other car maintenance

As much as we hate to admit it, most of us don’t know car maintenance – inside and out. And this applies especially to women. Stella Maris College in Sydney, Australia, knows this is a widespread problem, so they found an effective way to address it. With the help of “car educators” Galmatic, Year 11

Stunning heart-shaped amethyst geode recently unearthed by miners in Uruguay

Many pieces of jewelry are adorned with beautiful gemstones that have been altered to assume different shapes. But this natural amethyst geode found by these miners didn’t need to undergo any processing. That’s because it already looks perfect as it is! Uruguay Minerals recently discovered a unique heart-shaped natural amethyst geode in its new Santa

Artist transforms wood into mysterious sculptures that look like figures are trapped inside

Some artworks are very straightforward that it only takes a second to figure out what they are and what they mean. Others are more of a mystery, with their meanings subject to the viewer’s interpretation. One perfect example of the latter is this collection of mind-boggling wooden creations by Taiwanese sculptor Tung Ming-Chin. This artist

World’s first energy-positive hotel to be built in Norway’s Arctic Circle

Many companies are taking the path towards carbon neutrality in a bid to become more sustainable. But this brand new structure in Norway’s Arctic Circle is taking it a step further by becoming the world’s first energy-positive hotel. Svart hotel—which will open in the Svartisen glacier in 2022—aims to be completely energy-positive, meaning it will

Plumber helps over 10,000 elderly neighbors by fixing their heating and plumbing for free

Plumbers offering free services are quite unheard of, especially since they do a great deal of hard work in our homes. But not this plumber from Lancashire, England. James Anderson, 53, has provided free plumbing services to the disabled and elderly since 2017 when he launched his non-profit community interest company Depher. For more than

Baby with rare disease survives coronavirus and liver transplant before his 1st birthday

This one-year-old baby from Syracuse, New York, has been through severe health problems in his young life. Doctors—and even his family—feared he wouldn’t make it. But thanks to a life-saving liver transplant, this “miracle baby” survived and is now doing better than ever. Kasen Donerlson was born on January 14, 2020, weighing eight pounds. Because

Injured parrot gets second chance at life through prosthetic beak provided by animal center

A Brazil-based animal rehabilitation center called Renascer ACN did the most amazing job at giving this parrot a new lease on life. Birds use their beaks for a lot of things. They use it to communicate, gather food, groom themselves, defend their territories, and attack their rivals. When a bird’s beak is damaged, it can