Young prodigy started reading at 6 months old and is now attending college at only 12 

When you see Caleb Anderson, you’d think he’s your typical 12-year-old who loves watching Netflix, playing Beyblades, and collecting action figures. But once you really get to know him, you’ll learn he’s far from ordinary. Unlike most kids his age, Caleb is already attending college as a sophomore, he’s studying calculus, U.S. history, humanities, and macroeconomics.

A French bulldog is wearing a different Halloween costume every day this month

As if dogs couldn’t get any cuter, this couple from Dallas thought of dressing up their pup in different Halloween costumes as the holiday approaches. Toad—also known as @goodboy.toad on Instagram—is putting smiles on the faces of his 15.9K followers with his dazzling Halloween ensembles. By following the “#toads31daysofhalloween” hashtag on the platform, fans can