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About Us

We understand that you’ve been exposed to a lot of negativity on your social media newsfeed and television, which can easily affect your day and lead to a pessimistic outlook on the world.

Remember, you have control over what you see on your computer and television. You can make wise choices about whom you subscribe to and follow, and these choices will directly impact your worldview.

At, we maintain active social media pages and a website that consistently shares content related to health, wellness, positive vibes, and heartwarming feel-good stories.

We don’t position ourselves as providers of current news events; rather, we see ourselves as a place where you can discover inspirational and human interest stories that we hope will restore your faith in humanity. We diligently search for, curate, and present stories that highlight the best of humanity.

Our goal is that after reading our stories, you’ll feel uplifted and maintain a healthy living. We are always on the lookout for stories and articles that will leave our readers feeling positive.

Our aim is to inspire you, make you laugh, and encourage you to become the best version of yourself.

You can find our OFFICIAL Facebook communities here:

Positive Outlooks
The Humor League
Smile & Shine

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. ~Winston Churchill


1] We sometimes use stock photos and source them from Unsplash and Pixabay that offer FREE use. If we posted something here that is not within the protection of FAIR USE and that you think you have a copyright on, we can either credit you or un-publish it. If you claim false ownership please remember plagiarism is punishable by the law.

2] We do our best to make sure that all content we use is licensed correctly and that we credit all of our sources, but sometimes in an age ‘information overload’ human error can occur and we are extremely sorry when that happens. We do our best to follow all copyright laws and make things right if we mess up.

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