Stunning 50-foot tall statue named ‘Dignity’ honors Native American Women in South Dakota

Standing on a bank between exits 263 and 265 on Interstate 90 near Chamberlain, South Dakota, is a mesmerizing statue that was inspired by Native American women. It is called “Dignity of Earth And Sky.”  The stainless steel, 50-foot figure designed by sculptor Dale Claude Lamphere is meant to honor the rich cultures of the

101-year-old grocery store employee honored with a grant named in her honor

Planning retirement is something that many of us have given a serious thought, if given a chance, most people would want to retire from work as early as possible. But not Romay Davis.  This 101-year-old woman hasn’t let her age stop her from working at a grocery store in Montgomery, Alabama. Romay is still working

NJ man drives 22 hours to Texas to provide plumbing services after crippling winter storm

When this New Jersey plumber learned that many Texans needed plumbing services after last week’s winter storms, he made the 22-hour drive to Houston to help the residents. Andrew heard that local plumbers in Texas were struggling to accommodate all the customers whose homes had burst pipes and other damage, so he volunteered to assist.

Ballerina born without arms soars with her winning attitude, inspires thousands

Sometimes, the only thing that keeps people from reaching their dreams is their own excuses. But for this young ballerina born without arms, these “excuses” are no match for hard work and confidence. From a young age, Vitória Bueno of Santa Rita do Sapucaí, Brazil, has demonstrated an interest in dancing. So when her physiotherapist

This glass-domed train will take you on a delightful trip across the scenic Southwest in luxury

Several luxurious new locomotives are reviving the charm of old-school train travel, with the latest entry coming from Rocky Mountaineer. This family-owned Canadian outfit has unveiled a glass-domed train that will bring passengers across the scenic Southwest in luxury, which marks Rocky Mountaineer’s first train tour in the United States this summer. The Rockies to

Beloved service dog moves on after helping hospital staff get through the COVID-19 pandemic

Aside from being our loyal companions, dogs have this natural ability to give us a sense of calm with their mere presence. That’s precisely what a soon-to-be service dog named Wynn provided to the emergency room staff at Rose Medical Center in Denver, Colorado. Hospital employees credited the good girl for bringing much-needed emotional support

Texas couple took in a delivery driver for 5 days after she was stranded in the winter storm

A Texas couple became this delivery driver’s “guardian angels” when her car got stuck in their yard amid the winter storm. Chelsea Timmons stayed with Nina Richardson and Doug Condon in their home for five nights as the brutal winter storm ravaged the Lone Star State. “They have not only helped me through the base