Buffy Sainte-Marie talks about her unforgettable ‘Sesame Street’ episode where she openly breastfed her baby on TV

The singer-songwriter Buffy Sainte-Marie made history in 1977 when she fed her infant on Sesame Street. The Indigenous Canadian American singer-songwriter was not doing anything unusual; she was feeding her kid. However, the fact that she was breastfeeding him was important because breastfeeding in the United States had reached an all-time low in 1971 and … Read more

Teen crochet prodigy wows with stunning creations and uses amazing skills to raise money for his birthplace in Ethiopia

It’s always amazing to see young people use their talents to help others. Crochet prodigy Jonah Larson of La Crosse, Wisconsin is doing just that – his amazing crochet pieces and unique designs figure prominently in his philanthropic work for his birthplace in Ethiopia. Aside from helping his community, his crochet work has won numerous … Read more