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Man raising money to pay mom’s rent stunned by a TikToker’s kind gesture outside Target

Social media has often been criticized because of its negative impact on the mental health of many, especially to the younger generation.

Despite its proven drawbacks, it’s unfair to say that it’s all bad because many people still use it for good, just like this famous TikToker named Lexy Kadey.

A young man named Kevin stood outside a Target store in Nashville playing the violin, hoping to collect some money to help his mother pay rent.

In front of him was a sign that read, “Need to help my mom with rent, God bless.”

As he played, a woman suddenly approached her and asked, “Hey, how close do you think you are to your mom’s rent?”

That stranger was Lexy Kadey, a TikToker who has gained over 716.6K followers on the video-sharing social network through her Venmo Challenge.

“My mom’s rent is like $600, and I have like $175,” Kevin replied.

“So if I gave you $1,000, that would cover it?” Kadey said.

The musician couldn’t believe what he just heard. He stopped playing the violin and asked her, “Excuse me?”

Kadey then told him the premise of the Venmo Challenge, which involves asking her followers to Venmo her small amounts of change so she can give huge tips to servers and other people in need.

After briefly explaining it, the TikToker counted her money and handed Kevin $1,000 in cash. The musician was left speechless by the unexpected surprise.

“Can I please give you a hug?” he asked, as the two embraced. “This is not real. Thank you.”

Since sharing the heartwarming video on TikTok, it has garnered a whopping 2.2 million likes and 22.5K comments.

“Cuz of y’all, Kevin can cover his mom’s rent- and get himself something nice. #fyp #music #venmochallenge #serialtipper #tiktokcovers #lexylately,” Kadey captioned the video.

Tens of thousands of people applauded Kadey for her generous act and encouraged her to continue helping people in desperate need.

“Wow you’re amazing for using your platform in this way,” thomasbrown573 wrote.

“I love you so much. This is what the world needs right now. You’re proving 2020 is bringing us closer. Even if we have to be 6ft. apart,” Erica Coffelt commented.

“This one hit different cuz this was someone who was in dire need. You’re doing the Lord’s work, literally,” Erick Del Orbe said.

Others were so inspired by Kadey’s actions that they want to do a Venmo Challenge of their own.

“Wait I love this so much. I wanna do this one time!!!” Marc Sebastian said.

“Thank you for doing this. You’re inspiring others to do the same including myself,” wrote leilani.

“I wanna hop on this challenge,” said Princess Pia Mia.

Kadey’s donation to Kevin was part of her ninth round of crowdsourcing to fund the Venmo Challenge, in which she collected $6,857.47 to give to those who badly need it. She first did the challenge in May after seeing other TikTokers use the platform to raise funds to afford plastic surgery and cars.

However, instead of using the funds for herself, Kadey said she wanted to “switch it up a little bit” and use it to help other people and do something good for them.

Kevin was the 31st recipient of her Venmo Challenge, and she wouldn’t have done it all without the generosity of the TikTok community.

This challenge is one that is worthy of our participation, recorded or not! Watch the inspiring video and share this story to inspire others to do a Venmo Challenge in their own locality.

@lexylatelyCuz of y’all, Kevin can cover his mom’s rent- and get himself something nice. ##fyp ##music ##venmochallenge ##serialtipper ##tiktokcovers ##lexylately♬ original sound – lexylately

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