A woman finally hugs her biological dad after she discovered a co-worker was her sister

The universe truly works in mysterious ways. What are the chances that you become fast friends with a co-worker, and years later find out that you are actually sisters?

This happened to Julia Tinetti and Cassandra Madison, who were both adopted as babies from the Dominican Republic. After years of twists and turns, Tinetti found her sister through a DNA test, and she finally met her father and the rest of her family on a life-changing trip to her birth country.

Tinetti, 32, and Madison, 34, first met as co-workers at a Connecticut restaurant in 2013. They quickly bonded after discovering that they were both adopted from the Dominican Republic. They even have matching tattoos of the country’s flag!

They became so close that they even checked if their adoption papers matched up, but they didn’t. Still, in January 2021, Madison convinced Tinetti to take a DNA test. That’s when they learned that their adoption papers were wrong and that they were, in fact, sisters!

A DNA test turned best friends Cassandra Madison and Julia Tinetti into sisters, and they reunited with their Adriano Luna in the Dominican Republic.
photo via Julia Tinetti

Years earlier, Madison had taken her own DNA test and quickly reconnected with her biological family. She couldn’t wait to book a trip to meet them in person and was finally able to do so in 2019. She said, “I jumped on a plane as fast as I could.”

Her sister, however, was a little more nervous.

Tinetti had always wanted a father since she was adopted and raised by a single mother. The DNA test confirmed the identity of her biological family, but she had apprehensions about meeting them face to face.

She recalled, “I worried, ‘Are they going to love me just as much as they love Cassandra? Are they going to accept me for me?'”

Tinetti hesitated and found plenty of reasons to delay her trip to the Dominican Republic. First, she needed a COVID vaccine. Then, she needed a passport.  

If not for a DNA test, Adriano Luna would not have met his granddaughter Catalina.
photo via Julia Tinetti

Madison, however, insisted. Her daughter Catalina’s first birthday was coming up and she wanted to go in October to celebrate it with her entire extended family.

Madison said, “Catalina was never supposed to have a grandfather. My adopted dad is not involved in my life, my husband’s father passed away, so she was never supposed to have a grandpa. So for her to have one and for him to be so awesome is absolutely incredible.”

And then the family reunion finally happened. In October this year, the siblings and Catalina traveled to the Dominican Republic so that Tinetti could finally meet her biological family, including her father, and nine other siblings.

Even Tinetti’s mother joined them on this momentous trip. Tinetti had not wanted to upset her adoptive family, but they were extremely supportive. She shared, “Nobody was offended, nobody was threatened, everyone was excited.”

When the plane landed, however, Tinetti panicked. She recalled, “I was like, ‘I’m not ready yet. I’m not ready yet. I’m not ready yet.’ Cassandra was good though. She basically was like, ‘We’ll go whenever you’re ready. You just let me know.’”

Shirts worn by their extended family upon meeting them at the airport.
photo via Julia Tinetti

When Tinetti composed herself and was ready to walk out, all she could hear was cheers from her biological family members.

They were met by the whole family wearing T-shirts printed with the faces of Tinetti and Madison, and the words “Welcome to your family” in Spanish.

Tinetti remembered, “I was like, “Oh my God, they look just like me.’ My dad was ahead of everybody, and he just came up to me and he was like, ‘My daughter.’ And he just started crying.”

She celebrated the occasion with a video of her first hug with her father on TikTok, which has had over 70,000 views.

The emotional clip was captioned, “This Is THE MOMENT.” Tinetti spent a week getting to know her biological family and felt she had found a piece of herself she didn’t even know was missing.

Tinetti hugs her father Luna for the first time in 32 years.
photo via Julia Tinetti

Who knew that a DNA test would be the key to reuniting with her sister and the rest of the family.

She said, “My whole life I grew up like, ‘Oh, well, I’m adopted into this big Italian family.’ And I was fine with it. And then when I met them, I’m like, ‘Oh, this is kind of the piece that I was missing.’ Now looking back on it, I’m like, ‘Oh, I definitely needed that.'”

In 1988, Adriano Luna and his late wife were struggling financially. They made the difficult decision to place Madison for adoption so that she could have a better life. Less than two years later, the couple had to give up another daughter for adoption.

Madison said, “My dad was just like a little kid. It was the first time in 35 years he’s had all of his kids together.” After DNA tests helped him reconnect with his biological daughters, Luna said, “nothing can compare to the happiness I feel now.”

Sisters Madison and Tinetti pose with their father Luna, and Catalina
photo via Julia Tinetti

In the Dominican Republic, Tinetti also had the chance to introduce her family to someone else very special: the woman she plans to marry. She and the California-based emergency room nurse Dereka Mejia met on TikTok and Tinetti proposed on Venice Beach in November.

Her family in the Dominican Republic were ecstatic and can’t wait to meet Mejia. “Everyone’s like, “When’s the wedding?” Tinetti said.

Among other outstanding moments of her trip, Tinetti also bought a bike for her 13-year-old nephew, which she documented on TikTok. She gave the gift because the boy literally walked an hour every day to get to school.

The clip received thousands of likes and encouraged others to buy presents for him and other boys in the Dominican Republic.

The Luna family reunited with Madison and Tinetti.
photo via Julia Tinetti

Tinetti said, “Everyone’s like, ‘How do we help more kids?‘” She was so moved by the amount of people sending packages of clothing and sports equipment that she created an Amazon wish list.  

Since Amazon does not deliver to her family’s home in the Dominican Republic, Tinetti receives the deliveries on their behalf. She will either ship the packages herself or bring them with her on a future visit.

An unlikely meeting as co-workers, to botched paperwork, and eventually a confirmatory DNA test – this has certainly been an amazing journey for the siblings and their families.

Tinetti said, “The trip was life-changing. This opened my eyes to appreciate the life I have so much more.”

Madison, on the other hand, keeps watching videos of her biological father connecting with his children and her daughter, his first granddaughter.

After years of separation, unusual but wonderful circumstances conspired to bring them all back together again.

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