We All Stand Out In Our Own Way

I think peace comes when we accept we’re all a little bit strange. Life would be very strange and alienating affair if we didn’t have things inside us that make us feel a little weird. Weirdness is a gift, a sign of originality, and it becomes an incredible blessing once it is embraced as such. It means we’re giving something to the world that no one has ever seen before. It means that we are valuable. No one’s supposed to fit in completely. We all stand out in our own way.  — S.C. Lourie


5 thoughts on “We All Stand Out In Our Own Way”

  1. I cannot fully convey how much I love this. I never fit in anywhere (and still really don’t), because my views are a little of this and a little of that. My friends have always been a blessed mixture of differences as well. Sometimes being the “odd-man” out bothered me; while other times i was grateful to have such diverse viewpoints presented to me. Now that I have children, I know all the things people consider weird about me, and my blessings to them, so they can love and accept everyone they meet, as the unique individuals they are.

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