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Paralyzed dog rescued from train tracks finds love and joy in a new home with rescuer

The dog rescued from Philadelphia train tracks finally found a new home. One of his rescuers decided to adopt him and now, he gets nothing but love from his new family.

Lucky, a pit bull mix, was left to die on Philadelphia train tracks in November 2022. The poor dog was not only abandoned by his owner but he was also severely injured.

For two days, Lucky had been laying his body down to avoid being struck by the passing trains. This made his broken spine worse and caused him more injuries.

Luckily, he was rescued by a group of rescuers from Philly Rescue Angels, Inc. The rescuers believed that Lucky’s owner left him on the train tracks to cover the fact that they broke his back and make his death look like an accident.

Lucky was immediately taken to the hospital to have his injuries checked. Though he was lucky to be alive and rescued, his spine was badly injured and it made him paralyzed.

The doctor mentioned the possibility of euthanasia but the rescuers fought for Lucky’s life and worked together for his recovery.

As Lucky slowly recovered, Philly Rescue Angels put him up for adoption. For several months, a lot of people showed interest but eventually ghosted them when they found out about Lucky’s behavioral issues.

This broke the heart of one of his rescuers, Sidara Son. She was very fond of Lucky and was hoping he would find a new family to look after him.

Son knew that Lucky deserved a new home so she decided to adopt him. Now, the dog is finally living up to his name and enjoying his new life with Son’s other dogs.

“I brought Lucky home and he just did a 360, completely fit into the house; he was happy-go-lucky,” Son said.

 “The other dogs loved him. He loved the other dogs. All of his anxiety that he was having before, some of the behavioral issues that he was having, it all just kind of melted away. And it’s like, this is where you belong,” she added.

Lucky is now having the best time of his life with his new family. Son said he loves going on walks, visiting the park, and playing with his new brothers and sisters. She is also planning to take Lucky on beach trips as well as hiking and fishing.

Lucky’s health is also getting better, according to Son. He’s now standing longer while eating and probably in the future, he will be able to spinal walk.

“That’s just the whole wish, “Son said. “He’s come a long way and he’s thriving, so much, like he’s just blossomed. Because he’s been getting a lot of mental stimulation, a lot of love and training.” Son is very thankful for all the people who helped with Lucky’s recovery.

Philly Rescue Angels helped a lot with Lucky’s medical bills and Tiny Paws Rescue took Lucky on as a medical foster. SEPTA transit police also helped with both the dog’s rescue and recovery.

Sidara shared that it takes a community to help Lucky recover and have the best life he deserves. “Seeing the community come together, and them showing their love, their support, their concern, and everybody just banding together to make sure that Lucky was going to be safe. It’s a blessing,” Son said.

“Everyone deserves credit and recognition for their hand at saving Lucky’s life because it would not be possible for Lucky’s second chance at life without the community.”

Now that Lucky has finally found his happy ending, Philly Rescue Angels are relieved that he will have a good life and will never be left alone again.

“We know Lucky was ghosted by these people for a reason because now he is where he belongs.”

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.