Man remodels old Volkswagen Beetles into charming mini bikes

The Volkswagen Beetle is a vintage brand, it has taken so many forms since it was first produced during the second world war.

From tricycles, trucks, campers, and even an electrified version of the famous Love Bug, the creativity of Beetle lovers never failed to amaze the world with their inventive spirit.

Vintage red Volkswagen from Pixabay.

Back in the days, Volkswagen Beetles ruled the streets and the automotive-making industry. Ferdinand Porsche’s design of the first Beetle featured sleek, curved edges, a round frame, and an economical layout—the vehicle can fit the entire family despite its compact build.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the most famous cars ever produced, with over 23 million units sold in its 81-year run. It is a vintage brand of car that people love to collect.


But the era of the Beetle is far from over. The vintage car is immortalized, thanks to the efforts of Beetle enthusiasts converting the Volkswagen Bug.

Even though the company ended the manufacturing of the lovable Beetle, everyone can still recognize its all-too-familiar shape—regardless of how many tweaks we plan on doing.


Now that we’ve touched the realm of converting the classic Beetle, you would be surprised how a designer was able to re-purpose the vintage automobile into a minibike.

Yep, you read it right. Designer Brent Walter transformed an old Love Bug into a Volkspod.

The vehicle’s witty name came from the scooter’s pod-like shape. It still has the iconic curves of the vintage Beetle with the oversized headlight and the fenders for its base.

At first glance, you would mistake the 79cc Volkspod as a bicycle with its adorable handlebars and small Schwinn seat. Walter wanted to stay true to the Beetle’s roots and kept the VW logo on the minibike’s front part.

The scooter sports the original birch green and pastel blue paint of the VW Beetle to maintain the vintage look that can bring you a surge of nostalgia.

Vintage beetle re-imagined as a minibike.

Brent desired to test out his skills and to have an interesting trophy for car shows that fueled his desire to create the Volkspod minibike. “I wanted a scooter to take to VW shows.

These fenders were left over from building my car. I also wanted to practice welding the thin sheet metal panels.” Walter said in an interview with Bored Panda.


You can see how Walter constructed his Volkspod on his Instagram. If you want to make the adorable minibike yourself, his detailed posts will come in handy. Don’t worry about the parts.

Even though the vintage Beetle is as old as the second world war, most of its components are still easy to find at swap meets.

Walter describes himself as the “maker and builder of a variety of things.” And true to his nature, the designer thought of creating a vehicle no one has ever thought of doing.

vintage artwork

His efforts to upcycle VW Bugs while paying homage to its charm and practicality can be seen in the finished product—the Volkspod is a mini bike like no other, the same way Beetles are unique from the rest of its contemporaries.

Watch the video below and see how adorable these Volkspods are!

Story h/t: [Yanko Designdesignboom, My Modern Met]