Mama horse who lost her baby ‘adopts’ orphaned foal as her own

When this mama horse gave birth to a stillborn baby, her grief was replaced with joy when an orphaned foal came into her life.

Queen Uniek is a Friesian horse living in the Netherlands. She was expecting her first child, but she knew something was amiss when she went into labor.

Queen Uniek giving birth with the help of Yvonne and a couple of veterinarians

The horse was visibly anxious, strutting in circles in her stable and flaming her lips. Her owner, Yvonne, stayed beside her, scratching and talking to her to calm her down.

Uniek finally delivered her offspring about an hour later, but the veterinarians who assisted her birth found out the foal wasn’t breathing.

They tried to revive it, but it quickly became clear that the baby wouldn’t survive.

Yvonne comforting Queen Uniek in labor

Uniek kept licking the lifeless foal, seemingly trying to bring it to life, but her efforts were in vain. The foal was eventually taken out of the stable while Yvonne stayed behind to comfort the grieving mother.

The horse was heartbroken and kept looking around, searching for her newborn. It was clear that the animal was in a lot of emotional and physical pain.

Then, Yvonne’s friend called to tell her they had an orphaned foal named Rising Star in their care. However, they weren’t sure if Uniek would be willing to accommodate another horse’s foal.

Queen Uniek and Rising Star being introduced to each other

The only solution was to try, so they loaded Rising Star into a van and brought him to the farm.

Everyone hoped the horse would adopt the foal as her own. After all, they needed each other after losing both their families.

The staff introduced the foal to Uniek, and they instantly fell in love. The horse sniffed at the newcomer, and Rising Star did the same back.

The elder horse did a little dance and licked the foal, and that’s when Yvonne could tell she would be happy to care for Rising Star as her own.

Yvonne with Queen Uniek and Rising Star

“It was a very special moment. I never thought this would happen. We knew instantly that Uniek accepted Rising Star,” Yvonne told The Dodo.

Yvonne visited their stable the next day and noticed that Uniek had become very protective of Rising Star.

Since then, the pair have become inseparable. Uniek would follow Rising Star wherever he went, demonstrating her motherly instinct of protecting her young.

Whenever Yvonne would take the two horses out to the field, she would see Rising Star in his happiest state. The foal would run around and play, as any young animal would. And throughout, Uniek keeps her watchful eye on the little one. She wouldn’t let him go too far.

Queen Uniek and Rising Star out in the field

The Dodo shared their story on their YouTube channel, and many people were happy to see this mother and son’s relationship blossom. Here are some of their reactions.

“Somewhere in the heaven, the foal’s mother is taking care of Uniek’s baby,” wrote one.

“Wow! I’ve never seen an animal accept an orphan baby that fast. What a great mommy,” another commented.

“I love that they are completely different and yet completely accepting of each other,” said one.

Click on the video below to see this equine duo’s adorable bond.

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  1. Humans could learn alot from animals if they’d just pay attention.i had a dog that took in six kittens whenever their mom was run over and killed. This dog had never been pregnant but her motherly instinvts kicked in right away. She developed milk and cared for them just like their mother would have.

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