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Teen transformed a thrifted wedding dress into a Disney princess prom look — and 2M TikTok likes

A 17-year-old went viral after transforming a thrifted wedding dress into a Disney Princess prom look. She dyed the dress pink to make it look appropriate for her senior prom.

Megan Johnson is not a typical teenager who will ask their parents to buy them an expensive prom outfit.

She wanted to be practical and make the most of her creativity. So she challenged herself and tried to make something out of an old wedding dress.

On March 12, Johnson posted a TikTok video showing how she put together her dream Disney Princess look.

“This is me dying a wedding dress I thrifted to wear to prom,” wrote Johnson in her video caption. It quickly made rounds online, with over 10 million views at present.

In the 30-second video, she managed to show the laborious process of her prom dress hack. The top part of the white wedding dress was adorned with pearl beading while the skirt was embroidered with lace, which worried Johnson as they might react to dye.

She started the dyeing process by pouring boiling water into a large plastic tub. She said she tailored it so it would fit her.

She then added the dye to the tub of hot water and gave the dress one last look before plunging it into the tub.

‘I stirred it up with a mop for 30 minutes,’ Johnson said, explaining she didn’t want the pink to be ‘too dark.’

Luckily, the lace just turned to a darker pink outline and the pearls just became tinted pink. She finally laid the dress out to dry and the outcome looked like a work of a professional.

Johnson was happy about how the dress turned out and found it “pretty cute.” A lot of her viewers were also amazed by the result of the dyeing process, calling the dress “genius” and “dreamy.”

One said it was their first time seeing someone do it successfully while a few said it looks the same as their wedding dress.

“This is my exact wedding dress from David’s Bridal in 2001. Wonderful to see what you did with it,” one of the viewers commented.

 Other viewers said they preferred it to be in a different color, like green or black. Nonetheless, most of Johnson’s viewers were fascinated by the transformation and asked her to try it on.

Johnson happily gave in to her viewers’ request and posted a 32-second video of her wearing the dress in a field while singing along to Lizzy McAlpine’s song “Ceilings.”

What Johnson did in the video is a trend on TikTok where a girl wears a nice dress, erratically sings to the camera, and runs away from it while mouthing along to a sped-up version of the song. Some even wear their actual wedding dress to perform this trend.

A lot of her followers were amazed after seeing her big reveal. They said it looked so good on Johnson and some of them compared her to Barbie or a Disney Princess.

“Wow! That turned out beautiful! And it’s absolutely perfect on you,” wrote one of her followers. One said it reminds her of Charlotte’s dress in Princess and the Frog and Johnson said it was actually what she was aiming for.

Some of Johnson’s followers gave her tips on how to elevate the dress even more. “Imagine if you cut like 2-3 inches and put petticoats or a hoop skirt to get a dreamy Dior silhouette,” one of them wrote.”

Another one suggested that she should add a flower, crown, necklace, and gloves to complete the Disney Princess vibe. Johnson said she would do all these after her senior prom.

Watch Johnson create the Disney Princess prom gown:


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♬ Falling Leaves – Glenn Miller & His Orchestra

And here’s the video of her wearing the beautiful pink gown:


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♬ ceilings – Sped Up Version – Lizzy McAlpine

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