IKEA store being praised for letting stray dogs sleep inside facility during winter months

We’re not all dog lovers. Some of us are more of a cat-people, but no matter the kind of animal you like to take in as pets, you’ll, no doubt, love anyone who has the heart to give homeless pets food and shelter.

For years, IKEA has remained on top of the furniture and appliance industry. They are quite know for their do-it-yourself furniture assembly,  but recently one of their stores in Italy has been receiving a lot of praise thanks to the care and support it has been consistently providing for homeless dogs.

We know that stray dogs are widespread on a global scale, but for the case of Catania, Sicily, there are approximately 750,000 dogs who don’t only need a loving home but are also at the risk of either getting poisoned or dying due to malnutrition.

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The dogs of Sicily, no doubt, need to be rescued off the streets as soon as possible. While other capable individuals and establishments offered financial help to charities and animal programs, IKEA thought of a better idea.

They decided to utilize a particular space of their store, transforming it into an animal sanctuary. The workers in IKEA, in turn, brought some good pillows, beds, food, and water to accommodate the puppies who would come to seek shelter.

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Just like that, IKEA became a new home for lots of stray dogs. Joy was evident, not only in the faces of the puppies who are now well-fed and sheltered. You can also see the excitement and enjoyment of all the IKEA staffs and customers who would catch sight the dogs running and playing around.

Martine Taccia was among the IKEA customers who became overjoyed upon seeing cute little dogs wiggling their tails in the store.

One day, Martine was browsing the aisles of IKEA in search of items and accessories that can complete her dream of a perfect living room. But she stumbled upon something surprisingly adorable. Martine saw a group of dogs lying inside IKEA’s living room display.

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It’s uncommon for anyone to see a couple of dogs lying around in a furniture store. So, it’s no wonder Martine got confused at first, but as soon as she learned to the gratifying story behind the dogs in IKEA, Martine’s curiosity turned into amazement.

Martine was not the only one who was pleased with IKEA’s dog-friendly initiative. Aside from providing food and shelter to these stray dogs, IKEA also managed to give them a new home. Lots of customers got so touched seeing the dogs snuggling with one another that they decided to adopt a few.

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Martine having been impressed with IKEA’s initiative, she captured a video of the dogs sleeping cozily in the carpets. The short clip has now circulated online where it earned lots of “awws” and “oohs” from people around the world.

IKEA has not considered advertising what they are doing for these stray dogs, but the word of mouth of their joyful customers was enough to spread the message.

Please let’s do our part by sharing this story to our family and friends.

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