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He simply wanted to honor his wife through a Facebook post, and then it went viral

Doctors and nurses — most of the time, we just view them as professionals who can help us get better. Oftentimes, we forget that they are people too — people who will go home to their families after a hectic, stressful and exhausting day.

Just like us who sometimes don’t get enough rest, these professionals go through those tough days as well and maybe even more. Nurse Rayena Wesson from Gardendale, Alabama is no exception.

Everyday, she goes to the hospital and performs her duty of taking care of patients. Being assigned in the trauma department at a hospital in Birmingham, at times, she comes across serious cases such as gunshot wounds, traumatic brain injuries, heart-attacks etc.


It is a very stressful job, but nevertheless, dutifully, she goes to work everyday. Some people and maybe even Rayena herself might think there’s nothing special about the work she does. But for others, just like Rayena’s husband, Bobby Wesson, Rayena is someone like a hero. And Bobby did not fail to let his beloved wife know how important she is.

In November 2015, this man posted a tribute to his wife on his Facebook account. His heartfelt post went viral because it clearly showed how highly Bobby thinks of his wife Rayena:

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The touching post earned an overwhelming amount of likes of more than 900,000. In an interview with, Bobby said that he never thought his post would go viral.

The original post of Bobby on Facebook reads: “My wife is a trauma nurse. My wife is a hero.”

But Bobby removed the word trauma because his wife didn’t like the attention she was getting, and pointed out that not just her — but all nurses work hard at their jobs, too.

“She’s not really comfortable with those types of accolades, so I changed it to nurse so it wouldn’t be specific to Rayena.

She was like, ‘There are a lot of nurses who do a lot harder job than I do, [including] nurses who work with babies and children,'” Bobby mentioned in the same interview with

This loving husband said that even though a lot of people would agree that nurses are, indeed, heroic, his wife ‘cringes’ at the term.

In another Facebook post, Bobby and his wife thanked everyone who appreciated Bobby’s tribute to his Rayena.

On this post dated November 13, Bobby wrote:

“My wife and I have been humbled by all of the stories that nurses, medical professionals, patients, first responders and people across the globe have shared with us,” he wrote.

“Those of you that know my wife know that she flinches at the word hero. She doesn’t miss an opportunity to say that she is a small part of a very large team — but she is a large part of my very small team and I’m proud of her.”


A lot of people work in jobs that demand a huge sacrifice and they provide service to complete strangers every day.  Let’s do all we can to show them the respect they deserve.

A husband who regards his wife as an amazing significant other is wonderful, but a husband who ALSO supports his wife in her profession — where she plays a different role other than being his wife — is just truly marvelous.

And he really showed the world how proud he was.

Facebook | Bobby Wesson

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