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Barbie releases their 2nd limited edition doll that honors ‘Dia de Los Muertos’ holiday

Heads up, Barbie lovers! This beautiful, limited edition doll will make the perfect addition to your collection.

After gaining a massive fandom last year, the iconic brand is back with a SECOND version (see first version below) of the Dia de Muertos collectibles doll. The 2020 doll sports a braided up-do, a bewitching Calavera (Spanish for skull design) makeup, and shimmering golden highlights in her hair. Attached to her mane is a crown of skeleton hands holding roses and marigolds. She also has large gold earrings that perfectly complements her entire ensemble.

1st Limited edition doll

The first ‘Day of the Dead’ doll released last year.

The limited edition doll is wearing a blush-tinted lace dress decked out with tiny pearl details. The frock slightly opens in the middle to reveal a second layer of embroidered floral and skeleton designs.

A doll stand and a Certificate of Authenticity also come with the package.

Like last year’s Dia de Muertos doll, the 2020 edition also honors the Mexican holiday Dia de Los Muertos, also known as the “Day of the Dead.” It’s celebrated in the United States from October 31 to November 2, when families remember their relatives who have passed away with colorful parades, traditional meals, flower-covered altars, nightly visits to cemeteries, and more.

The talented creative behind the doll’s stunning appearance is Mexican American designer Javier Meabe, the same person who designed last year’s doll. He said his personal background and family traditions were his key inspirations in the doll’s design.

“It was very important that the second Dia de Muertos doll felt just as special as the first in the Barbie series,” he said in a statement. “As a Mexican American Designer, it was important to me to use my creative voice to design a doll that celebrates the bright colors and vivid textures of my culture, as well, as have the traditions I grew up with represented and celebrated in Barbie.”

He also explained the meanings behind some elements he incorporated in the doll’s final build.

“For this doll, I was inspired by the color gold seen throughout Mexican culture, jewelry, buildings, statues and artwork and highlighted it throughout the design. The roses represent emotions and moments in life including celebrations, birth, death, passion, and love and I also was inspired to introduce new textures and a new dress silhouette.”

The Dia de Muertos doll was so well-received last year that Barbie Signature acknowledged it as the first in an official collection of dolls that honors the holiday. Mattel, the maker of Barbie, launched the Catrina doll last year. She wore a black floral dress, a floral headpiece, and Calavera makeup.

Barbie fans can get their hands on the doll for $75 on the company’s website or at retailers such as Walmart, Target, and Amazon.

Based on customer feedback, it seems like the limited edition Barbie achieved its goal of honoring the holiday in the most beautiful way they can.

“This brought tears to my eyes, it reminded me of the dresses my Abuelita would send to me when I was younger. I was not able to get the first doll but this one is very beautiful, the makeup , the roses and marigolds to the stitching on her dress is very beautifully done. Thank You Mattel for Honoring my culture and giving someone like me a beautiful doll I can display and cherish and now pass down through the generations in my family,” wrote one in the reviews section of the website.


“I was a little worried from the pictures online that she might not have the same beautiful quality that the first had but this one really does. In the pictures her gown looks more white but it’s a soft pink which looks much better in person. I just adore the artistry of her and I hope they continue this line and showcase more of our wonderful artists!,” said another.

In a time when representation and diversity is so important, it’s good to see companies like Barbie celebrating traditions and cultures that mean a lot to so many people from different parts of the world.

Click here to get your own Dia de Muertos limited edition Barbie Doll.

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