Mattel is releasing 4 new gorgeous ‘Star Wars’ Barbie dolls

It’s time to celebrate all things Star Wars with four new dolls from a galaxy far, far away! Barbie joined fans from across the universe and got into the Star Wars spirit by expanding its doll collection with four new dolls inspired by the films’ most famous characters – Rey, Chewbecca, C-3PO, and the Stormtrooper.

The new line of dolls join four others in the Star Wars x Barbie doll collection launched in November 2019, which featured Princess Leia, Darth Vader, and R2-D2.

Star Wars inspired doll collection by Mattel.

The replicas honored the best-known features of the renowned film characters, such as Leia’s space buns, Darth Vader’s cape, and R2-D2’s white and blue robotic design.

In a statement, Barbie described the doll collection as “an homage to the Star Wars movies,” and “inspired by original concept art, this collection re-imagines iconic characters through a distinctive Barbie high-fashion filter, turning their legendary looks into runway-ready silhouettes.”

Rey doll inspired | Mattel

The new members of the Star Wars doll collection are designed by Robert Best, senior director of Barbie design. He said: “The new series of dolls needed to maintain the same feeling as the first series, but also offers enough new details and surprises to keep fans excited about the new additions.

For this second series, I really wanted to push the fashion elements even further. There are amazing shoe designs, great accessories, and jewelry that would be at home in a runway show or a high fashion editorial photoshoot.”

Stormtrooper inspired | Mattel

The additions to the Star Wars doll collection embraces the unique personality of each film hero through stylish and eye-catching costumes.

Best added, “The clothing designs are also highly detailed with unusual textures and materials. One design features micro sequins and sheer organza panels, while another features faux fur and a sculpted plastic bodice. I think these will really deliver to fans of high fashion as well as fans of the Star Wars galaxy.”

C-3PO inspired | Mattel

Star Wars heroine Rey is dressed in a more elegant version of her usual combat attire. The doll’s costume features a belted crystal pleated chiffon gown with a crossover neckline and draped hood, ombre boot leggings, and gold jewelry.

Stormtrooper Barbie seems definitely less sinister, with the character transformed into a figurine with a blond bob hairstyle, oversize eyeglasses, cuffs, utility belt, all-white dress over a black body suit, and boots with a knee-protector plate, all re-imagined from the Stormtrooper battle armor.

C-3PO Barbie uses a 1970s retro vibe to pay tribute to the famous droid with a liquid golden exterior, a sequined gold dress, golden necklace and bangles, matching tall boots, and C-3PO-inspired glasses.

Chewbaca inspired | Mattel

The Chewbacca-inspired figure rounds up the doll collection, with a head-to-toe faux fur look complete with a coat, a strapless dress with a fur skirt and bodice of vinyl and sheer organza, furry headband, cuff bracelets, matching knee-high boots, and a handbag similar to Chewbacca’s bandolier and satchel.

The dolls join other iconic figures immortalized by the toy company. Barbie and Star Wars fans who want to add these toys to their doll collection will have to shell out $100 for each model, except for the Chewbacca doll, which costs $150.


The limited edition doll collection is available to pre-order on the Barbie website and will be ready for shipping in June. Each figure comes with specially designed packaging, a Star Wars doll stand, and certificate of authenticity. While the Chewbacca doll is exclusive to, the others in the Star Wars range are also available on Amazon.

The force is strong with these dolls. Avoid the dark side and order now!