A 73-year-old skateboarder with four decades of experience stuns the internet with incredible skills

A 73-year-old skateboarder from Russia named Igor is living proof that age is just a number.

The septuagenarian has become a Reddit celebrity after a video of him showing off his “skiing” technique was posted on the platform.

The clip shows Igor wearing a rather dapper outfit—cargos, a flat cap, and matching white gloves—while effortlessly maneuvering his skateboard despite his advanced age.

An elderly man skateboarding in Russia

Redditor dobbyisafreepup shared Igor’s video only a week ago, but it has already racked up 3.2 million views and 37.3K upvotes as of this writing.

The footage was originally shared on Instagram by a surf coach named Max Timukhin, and it soon made its way to other social media platforms.

The video shows Igor speeding along on his skateboard in St. Petersburg, performing what looks like a technique used in a ski slalom. Igor’s moves were so unbelievably smooth; he just showed people how to ski without snow!

An elderly man skateboarding in Russia

According to the caption, the man has been skateboarding since 1981, which means he has 40 years of experience—and it definitely shows. Redditors took to the comments to express their amazement at Igor’s exceptional skills.

One person wrote: “Slope style, this guy is probably an amazing skier.”

Many viewers were also inspired by Igor’s zest for life. One user commented:

“As a 33 year old who just saw mid90s for the first time and has spent the last three weeks pining after his lost youth, this is exactly what I needed to see. If this guy started skating at my age I can probably start again.

EDIT: thanks you guys for all the motivation/advice. I’m definitely gonna start skating again. I wish I still had my board from 15+ years ago, but I guess this gives me an excuse to start shopping for a new one.”

An elderly man skateboarding in Russia

Skateboarding is rough on the knees and ankles, and we all know that people of Igor’s age (and even younger) have weakened joints and muscles, which makes this man’s skills all the more impressive. When he gets off the board, it’s evident how agile he still is.

Igor has been skateboarding for so long, which could be the reason his knees are still strong despite his age. What a cool way to stay young!

Watch Igor glide with his skateboard in the video below.

Another incredible skateboarder who’s got the sport down pat is 24-year-old Naiomi Glasses. This woman from Rock Point, Arizona, loves skateboarding, but living in the Navajo Reservation meant a lack of access to pavement.

Naiomi’s locality is filled with cliffs and mountains. And while there are five skate parks in the area, the nearest one was hours away from her home. Skate shops were also rare and far away. One would need to travel two to three hours to a border town to pick up a skateboard.

But Naiomi didn’t let these obstacles keep her from pursuing her passion. She skated even on the most difficult terrain and eventually learned to adapt.

Naiomi Glasses skateboarding

Now, Naiomi is an internet star who shares her skateboarding videos on the reservation on TikTok, where her posts have garnered plenty of views.

So far, she has amassed a following of more than 42.6K on the platform, while her Instagram has over 93.2K followers.

The clothing brand Orenda Tribe heard of Naiomi’s story and decided to help her build a new skate park in Two Grey Hills, which is only two hours away from her home.

The project is attracting some publicity, and they’ve been getting a lot of help from different people, including the legendary Tony Hawk.

If you ever need the motivation to resume an old hobby or start a new one, Igor and Naiomi are the perfect inspiration!

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