This classic Cheerios holiday commercial with grandma and baby gets 2020 update, thanks to viral TikTok

Christmas commercials often revolve around common themes such as family, love, and giving. This heartwarming spot from Cheerios dating back to 1999 is one of the most memorable holiday ads produced by the company. And thanks to a viral TikTok, that commercial just got a 2020 revamp. The original version featured a grandmother, played by

Police officer adopts little girl he rescued from abuse and comforted her while on duty

When Arizona police officer Brian Zach met a little girl named Kaila while on duty, he knew he wanted to take care of her forever. His wish came true this summer when he and his wife, Cierra, officially adopted the 4-year-old girl into their family. In March 2018, while on duty, patrol sergeant Brian and

Grandma wins the internet with sweetest reaction when she finds out she’s moving in with grandson

Growing old entails many challenges, including losing a spouse, developing aging-related illnesses, and experiencing social isolation. This grandma in Florida had one less thing to worry about – living alone. That’s because her grandson, Matthew Stewart, had arranged for her to live with him in his new home. That means Grandma Bobbe, 87, whom Matthew

Mom of quadruplets shares incredible before-and-after photos of her awe-inspiring pregnancy

Be sure to reach the end of this article to see the photo update! After giving birth to her first child four years ago, Lindsay Hay, 28, had suffered from multiple miscarriages. So, it came as a shock to her and her husband, Syman Hay, when her ultrasound last year revealed that they were having