Homeless dogs run up to teens and ‘ask’ them to rescue their friend

Trevor Costelloe is a 21-year old YouTube vlogger who loves urban exploring. He particularly likes visiting abandoned structures near his hometown in San Diego, and he shares all these adventures on his growing Youtube channel.

However, one of his vlogs in February 2019 took a surprising turn – one that involved an rescuing an animal.

Trevor and his friend were exploring an abandoned water park in San Diego. When they went there, they thought that they would be all alone. But while walking, they came across a big white dog running around near the slides. The pup was staring and kept looking over at them, so they decided to head over to the dog and see what happens.

When they came, they discovered that the dog wasn’t wandering alone in the park, there was a pit bull with him. Trevor and his friend looked wary at first, probably thinking if the stray dogs were safe.

The pups wouldn’t leave them alone, and the pit bull – wagging its tail – led them towards one of the small pools in the park. That’s when they knew what was going on.

To their shock, they found a third dog in the pool drowning!

“Oh, there’s a dog in there!”, Trevor exclaimed.

The brown pup was struggling to get out of the water but can’t. The walls were too high for him and he had nothing to step on to support his weight.

Trevor immediately ran over to the pool and pulled the dog out of the water. The pit bull was beside him the whole time and seemed to want to help in getting his friend out.

As soon as he got to the ground, the pup dried off his body and ran over to meet his friends. They gathered for a few seconds and kept wagging their tails while sniffing each other. They looked so happy and appeared like they were celebrating because their friend was saved.

Trevor said: “I cannot believe that happened. We barely saved that dog. If we didn’t come here to film today and explore this place, that dog honestly would have drowned. He barely had any strength left.”

After this, the white and brown dog ran off, but the pit bull stayed behind for a while with the dog’s two rescuers. He kept wagging his tail and welcomed petting from the two. He seemed to be saying thanks to Trevor and his friend for all their help!

Fate led them to where they were supposed to be. It’s true what Trevor said – if they weren’t there, things could have ended much worse. Also, if they hadn’t trusted their gut, they wouldn’t have saved the drowning pup’s life. Hats off to them for rescuing the dog!

See the video below from The Dodo to witness how they rescued the drowning pup.

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All photos via YouTube.