Beloved school bus driver was laid to rest in a special school bus-themed casket

On August 13, 2019, many people from Lebanon, Tennessee were in grief. This is because a longtime, beloved, school bus driver, David Wright, passed away at the age of 76 after his many years of service to the current students and former students of Wilson County Schools.

He dedicated half a century of his life to safely drive students to school, and back to their homes with his legendary school bus. He was loved because of his selfless service and genuine love for the students, as well as his utmost respect for his fellow school bus drivers at Wilson County Schools. 

Wilson County Schools

According to Bart Barker of Wilson County Schools, David Wright happily served up to three generations of local families with his legendary school bus. That’s why the whole community went out of their way and made sure to prepare an extra special tribute to David. 

school bus themed casket
Nashville Casket Sales

With the participation of Nashville Casket Sales, which is a notable family-owned casket company that have given their services to children and local celebrities, David was laid to rest in a school bus-themed casket. According to his son, Calvin, to put him in this kind of casket was only fitting. Because if there was anything that he loved in this world besides him and his grandkids, it was being seated behind the wheel of that special school bus. 

Upon discovering the death of David, many locals paid their tributes online as well as by visiting the wake. 

school bus driver honored
Nashville Casket Sales

“Great Guy you are! You have helped so many people throughout the years with Lebanon Police Dept, Wilson Co Sheriff Dept and Middle TN Electric and of course all the years watching out for the young children from Lebanon that you took such pride in every morning and every afternoon these are some of the great things that you accomplished,’ one read. ‘Just wanted to say Thank you!! You were my friend for years RIP my brother.”

A local woman was full of gratitude for David because he always made sure that her sons were brought back home safely: 

laid to rest in a school bus themed casket
Nashville Casket Sales

“I can’t think of a better or kinder person than he was. All of my [four] boys rode his bus at one time. He was always so good to them. I know this [isn’t goodbye] it’s just I’ll see you again soon on [God’s] golden shore cause if ever a person went to heaven it’s David Wright. He is an example of what a good Christian should be. Prayers are with his family and his many friends. RIP you will truly be missed,’ she wrote.”

“Mr. Wright was a selfless leader his entire life by being the example we should all strive to be,” the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office said. “He never wanted or asked for anything in return for his service to the community which made him a special servant.”

Wilson County Schools

A few weeks before his death, David was recognized for his service to Wilson County Schools. The transport department was later named in his honor.