Five reasons why you should be thankful and proud to be an introvert

People often associate introverts with shyness, aloofness and loneliness. While introverts spend most of their time alone, it doesn’t mean they are anti-social or unfriendly. According to the popular psychiatrist, Carl Jung, introverts are more comfortable being on their own than being surrounded by many people. They also use their “me time” to rejuvenate or recharge so they can connect with people better.

There are many factors that make someone an introvert such as genetics, social environment and life incidents. Regardless of the reasons, being an introvert has many surprising benefits.

1. Introverts are Good Listeners

It is noticeable that when someone talks to introverts, they are often very silent. This is not because they don’t care about what that person is saying but because they are listening carefully and thinking deeply. Introverts are active listeners and unlike extroverts, they won’t easily jump into conversations. They are going to listen first before they speak and because they process information longer, they are likely to give sensible, well-though-of advice.

Anna Decker, an introvert and also a good listener says, “One of the first misconceptions people make about introverts is that we’re insanely shy or scared to death of people. Some of us are, but I’m not afraid to speak to people. I’m quiet because I don’t want to offend anyone. I assess the situation before I offer my opinion. And you never know who just needs someone to listen for a change.

2. Introverts are Observant

Apart from having good listening skills, introverts are also observant. When they are silent, they are either listening to people or observing things around them. However, for introverts, observing things or people doesn’t mean judging them. They are trying to absorb all the information that’s being presented to them while thinking critically. They also tend to focus on a person’s gestures, facial expressions and body language, making them good at interpersonal communication.

3. Introverts Rarely Get Bored

Because they spend a lot of time alone, introverts know how to have fun even without their friends or family. They can eat at a restaurant or watch a movie alone without feeling lonely or embarrassed. In fact, they prefer doing these things alone because this is where they find relaxation and peace. This is one of the reasons why Megan Malone is thankful to be an introvert.

According to her, “I rarely get bored. It may sound self-centered, but the truth is, I like myself. Being alone isn’t dull or lonely. I can always find a new book to read, a story to write, or an idea to examine. When I’m feeling less creative, Netflix and a cup of tea — or glass of wine — make for fantastic company.

4. Introverts are Likely to Excel Academically

Some introverts are being bullied in school because they always spend time alone. Extroverts consider them as nerds, weirdos and anti-social. However, spending time alone at school can only do introverts well. Because they don’t normally party or go out with their friends, they have more time to study.

Beverly Garside, an introvert, had good grades in school and didn’t struggle at the university. “I was content to sit for hours quietly studying while others were socializing. Some kids couldn’t seem to stop socializing. They could never miss a friend’s birthday party or an outing that everyone was going to attend. I socialized too, but being an introvert, a little was enough. Other students couldn’t understand how I could stay behind and study when there was ‘so much going on.’”

5. Introverts Have Few, Quality Friends

Most extroverts have many friends because of their outgoing nature. Introverts, on the other hand, have a very small circle of friends. They tend to be picky when it comes to the people they bring into their lives. They choose them very carefully and only make friends with people they can trust.

Apparently, introverts prefer quality over quantity. It is fine with them if they have a few friends as long as they are dependable, trustworthy and genuine. It may be hard to understand the behaviors and attitude of introverts but taking a closer look at their lives, it makes us realize that being an introvert can also be fun.

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