Fake fart prank by Kansas teacher draws hilarious reactions from her students during virtual class

This Kansas teacher wanted to “lighten the mood” during a virtual class, so she came up with the most hilarious prank.

Emma Ginder is a third-grade teacher from Topeka whose recent practical joke had her students and the whole internet laughing.

In a video recording of the prank, Ginder instructed her students to bring out their books. And during the brief silence that followed, a loud farting sound can be heard.

Kansas teacher Emma Ginder pulls hilarious fake fart prank on her students

Ginder tries to stifle her laughter but fails. She then started giggling and appearing embarrassed before a young boy asked, “What was that?”

“I think she farted,” one student answered.

The entire class then bursts into a fit of giggles because of the embarrassing moment. One student in particular—a young boy wearing a yellow shirt—had the most contagious laughter!

Ginder thought the prank and her students’ reactions were so good, that she had to share it on Facebook for others to see.

“Some days you just have to play a toot sound during class to lighten the mood. Way too good not to share. Also, I apologize for having the maturity of an 8 year old boy,” the Kansas teacher wrote in the post’s caption.

The video of the virtual class has since racked up over 32K reactions and 38K shares on Facebook. Thousands of people commended Ginder in the comments, praising her creative way of grabbing her students’ attention as they continue to weather the challenges of learning remotely.

“That is so funny – nothing better then giggling kiddos,” one said.

“Omg those giggles, love it. Gotta have some fun especially now!!” another wrote.

Other teachers were inspired by Ginder’s stunt and said they might try the same prank with their students.

“Yes!!! I’m so doing this tomorrow! Haha kids laughs are the best!!!” someone said in response to a comment.

“Maybe I’ll do this to see if my students are paying attention,” another wrote.

The Kansas teacher told KSNT that she pulled the fake fart prank on her students because she wanted to cheer them up.

“They’ve gotten to know me and they know that I’m one they should be comfortable with and they can joke around with,” she said. “I love that we have that relationship with one another and I love that we can all laugh at a toot because it is funny no matter how old you are.”

The teacher said she usually doesn’t prank her students, but after seeing their hilarious reaction to this one, she might have to come up with a different one.

Prepare to laugh out loud with the kids as Ms. Ginder pulls her hilarious prank in her virtual class below.

Another educator who is stepping it up during this pandemic is Krista Ylauan, a teacher at Imperial Elementary in Downey.

She’s been meeting her third-grade class via Zoom amid the coronavirus pandemic. And knowing how difficult it is to learn remotely, Ylauan wanted her students to feel like they’re still inside the classroom.

To make virtual learning more engaging for the kids, she transformed her home garage to make it look like her actual classroom. The teacher also used her own money to buy materials so her 25 students can continue learning from home. They meet via Zoom three hours a day, five days a week.

“My money goes to my classroom because my kids and their families become my family during the school year, and I will have a special bond with this group of kids and their parents. We’ve all made it happen,” she said.

Teacher Krista Ylauan
Screenshot | ABC 7

And during one of her virtual classes, Ylauan had a surprise visitor: Helpful Honda.

In honor of teacher appreciation week, the organization donated hundreds of books and notebooks for her classroom library. They also reimbursed her for an online teaching tool she uses. And to help her always stay alert, they also gifted her with massive amounts of coffee!

Teachers like Emma Ginder and Krista Ylauan deserve to be recognized for the hard work they’re putting in, especially during this difficult time.

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