Teacher turns garage into classroom for remote learning gets a big surprise from Honda

Due to the coronavirus outbreak sweeping across the globe, non-essential establishments around the country are currently closed. Over a million people have succumbed to COVID-19, which has claimed not only lives but also many other important things.

Thousands of individuals have lost their jobs, small businesses are struggling to get by, and people have lost the ability to connect with each other in person. In schools, teachers are getting creative and finding ways to provide remote learning to their students.

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That is precisely what Krista Ylauan, a teacher at Imperial Elementary in Downey, has been doing for the last two months with her third-grade class. She wanted to keep educating her students amid the current situation, so she’s been meeting the kids via Zoom to connect with them.

But Krista’s effort didn’t end there. She wanted the children to feel like they’re still inside a classroom, so she created a setting just like that. To make remote learning fun, the teacher designed her home garage to resemble her actual classroom.

Krista also purchased materials using her own money so her 25 students can continue with their education. They meet via Zoom three hours a day, five days a week.

“My money goes to my classroom because my kids and their families become my family during the school year, and I will have a special bond with this group of kids and their parents. We’ve all made it happen,” Krista said.

Education continues for these students through remote learning.
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On Tuesday, Krista’s virtual class had a surprise visitor: Helpful Honda.

“In honor of teacher appreciation week, we at Helpful Honda are going to donate hundreds and hundreds of books to your classroom library so everyone can continue learning there, we’ll have notebooks for everyone to laugh for the future,” a representative from the organization stated.

One of Krista’s students, Kaylin Armijo, couldn’t be more excited for her now that she has fresh materials to teach them with. She said, “I’m really happy for her and hundreds of books.”

Helpful Honda, which has been performing random acts of helpfulness since 2007, went all the way and even reimbursed Krista for an online teaching tool she uses. Knowing that a teacher like her needs to stay alert, they also gifted her with massive amounts of coffee.

“I’ve almost literally never seen her without a cup of coffee in her hand,” Kaylin said.

Teacher gets hundreds of books for remote learning.
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Krista, on the other hand, had nothing but positive comments about her third-grade students and their parents.

“I am extremely proud of them and all the hard work they have done. They log in to Zoom, and they participate on a daily basis, but I need to thank the parents also because without them, that wouldn’t happening,” she said.

Krista is an outstanding teacher, for she has helped her students adapt to inevitable changes brought on by the pandemic. Wherever learning takes place, she wants to make sure that they can succeed.

“It’s been pretty normal. I’ve seen change, but I haven’t really felt change,” Kaylin said.

Teacher turns garage into classroom for remote learning.
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Krista and her students are lucky to be within the Downey Unified School District, as they made remote learning possible by providing all elementary school students with 4,200 iPads.

Once these uncertain times are through and we’re back to our normal lives, let’s not forget to show our appreciation to our teachers in whatever way we can. Being an educator is one of the toughest jobs in the world, that’s why an extraordinary teacher like Krista and others like her deserve nothing but gratitude, recognition, and support from their community.