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Eight warning signs someone you know is really a sociopath

Do you know someone who is a compulsive liar? A liar who does not hesitate to spit out lie after lie just for the sake of lying? Does that someone also happen to be extremely charming? Someone who is full of charisma and easily gets attention?

Does that someone also happen to be so obsessed with winning? To the point that they are willing to do everything even if it is illegal, just so they could win? If yes, chances are that someone you know is a ‘Sociopath.’

According to Dr. Martha Stout, a Harvard psychologist and author of ‘The Sociopath Next Door’ about 1 in every 25 Americans is a sociopath. 1-4 percent of the total population of adults are sociopaths, and 3 percent of these are males.

As defined by ‘The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders’the official resource which psychiatrists and psychologists use for diagnosing mental disorders, a ‘sociopath’ is someone with a personality disorder that often displays antisocial tendencies attributed to social or environmental factors.

The primary distinction lies in their core characteristics and motivations. Sociopaths primarily exhibit a pattern of antisocial behavior and disregard for others’ rights, whereas narcissists are primarily characterized by their grandiosity, need for admiration, and self-centeredness.

To put it in simple words, a sociopath is someone who has no care (no remorse) in violating the rights of others in the pursuit of self-interest, this trait has to be observed before the age of 15 in order to be diagnosed.

People with personality disorders show an observable pattern in their social behavior, which is often unconventional or not-so-ordinary. Sociopaths feel, think, perceive, and relate differently as compared to those who do not have personality disorders.

So how do we really know that someone is a sociopath? As per studies, a sociopath has three or more of the warning signs listed below:

1. Deceitful and ALWAYS Lying

A sociopath does not have a problem in deceiving people for personal gain. In fact, a sociopath would tell you stories about themselves that are outrageous and unbelievably wonderful. However, since are articulate liars, you wouldn’t think they are only bluffing.

It is quite amazing how sociopaths can go to great lengths just to keep up with their lies, there are even sociopaths who leave home every day to go to work, even if they do not have a job in the first place.

2. Has no sense of responsibility or accountability

A sociopath’s problem is always caused by someone else. They will always have someone else to blame, and the fault will never be weighed on their shoulders. Also, since they have no sense of responsibility, sociopaths have a hard time sustaining a long-term working environment.

3. Narcissistic

There is only one person a sociopath cares for, and that is no one but himself. A sociopath has no problem endangering the life of others unless it is his life. In addition, a sociopath has the ability to make everything about them.

You can talk to a Sociopath for 5 hours and he won’t even bother asking about you as long as he gets to talk about his life and his achievements.

4. Has no respect to the safety and feelings of others

You can be best friends with a sociopath, and the sociopath will not bat an eyelash and hurt you if he needs to. A sociopath will hurt you emotionally and/or physically and will make reasons why he did it, sometimes the sociopath will make it like it is the right way to do it.

5. Impulsive and Spontaneous

This characteristic of sociopaths makes their lives seemingly amazing. They are always ready to try new and exciting things, even if doing so has many risks to be considered. They are fearless of the result of their impulsive decisions.

6. Manipulator

A sociopath’s common trait among other sociopaths is that they can manipulate and control you. A sociopath can make you do things for them without directly asking you to. They can make you do the dirty deeds for them, without consideration of your feelings.

They will weaken your authority over yourself over the course of time until they have full control and dominance over you. This can come to the point that you would think as if you cannot live without them.

7. Lack of Remorse

A sociopath is not capable of feeling guilt. They can kill, lie, steal, and hurt someone physically or emotionally and they will still see their action as necessary. They just did what they have to do in order to get their way. That simple. They don’t feel responsible for the life of others that they are affecting in a negative way.

8. Has no long-time friends

Due to the characteristics and traits of a sociopath, having a string of long-term friends is hard to maintain. Because in the first place, they have no friends, only pieces which he can pawn in a game of chess.

Sociopaths also have a hard time keeping their patience. Some display an observable violent tendency even for just a slight inconvenience.

They also tend to hurt animals or prey on those who they think as inferior to them just to be able to show power and dominance.

Sociopaths also tend to spend most of their time alone. And, if facing a problem, would more likely turn to alcohol and/or drug abuse instead of looking for support from other people.

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(Note: This article is for informational purposes only and not to be treated as professional opinion or advice.)

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