Here’s how a futuristic workstation lets you recline and work horizontally

Gone are the days where lying down while at work raises the eyebrows of your co-workers and the human resources. Technology has come a long way—today’s innovations are always taking us by surprise. For those of you who are sick of back pains, muscle strains, and stiff neck, this zero-gravity office desk is a workstation sent from above.

Recent studies show that we spend an average of 7709 days sitting down in our entire lifetime. The total time we spend sitting down is divided into the hours we spend in our home or sitting down on a desk to do our daily grind. Imagine spending more than half of your waking moment, you spend it sitting—the worst part is, even this mundane aspect of our life might be killing you.


Uncomfortable chairs and office desks affect posture, causes fatigue as well as head and neck pain. These are the problems Signature Altwork Station. From afar, the futuristic workstation resembles a dentist chair.

It can be adjusted to accommodate people who prefer working while reclined or standing up. You can also change the monitor’s distance and elevation for the optimal viewing angle (and preventing eye strains and migraines we’ve all come to hate).


“The Altwork Station supports your body and your work by seamlessly conforming your keyboard, desk, mouse, and monitor to your body,” the company wrote on its website. The office desk’s versatile range of motion shows promising benefits for people who are sick of flimsy and rigid chairs. The Altwork office desk supports your entire body, cradling you to your desired working position while using a computer.

If your job entails an extensive amount of typing, the station’s desk height can also be modified to match your hand height while the adjustable angle of the desk can be adjusted depending on your preferred wrist position. The Altwork office desks are designed not just for comfort, but also enables you to “focus longer on complex tasks.”


Altwork exemplifies the quality that needs to be followed by other designers—universality. Regardless of who will use the workstation, it can be modified to suit his or her comfort and productivity. Once you calibrate the office desk station’s adjustments and settings, the changes you made will stay the same unless you change them back again.

Altwork gave me the means to do just that, my legs [stay] up improving blood flow and circulation, my back stay straight, [my] eyes at equal distance to the monitors, helping reduce eye strain as well. It is funny that all our business is going to the cloud nowadays, and I feel I work laying in the clouds, enhancing my productivity and my well-being,” a happy customer wrote with a gleaming 5-star rating.


The future bodes well for people who are suffering from neck and back issues. But the real edge of Altwork lies on its customizability—a future-forward quality that not all home and office furniture have. However, the chair is not for the tight-fisted. Each chair retails for $7,650.

To some, getting the Altwork workstation is a longshot. But for others who value productivity and tired of enduring the pain and misery of traditional office desks, they will eagerly say to you that you can’t put a price tag on comfort.

Watch the video below for the actual demonstration: