Firefighters save dog that tumbled over the bay at Miami Beach — watch the heartwarming rescue 

A local fire department came to the rescue when a dog tumbled over the bay at Miami Beach while playing with its owner.

The adorable rescue was caught on camera and shared on the Miami Fire Department’s Facebook page. According to the post, a woman was playing with her pup in the dog park when the canine got too close to the edge and fell into the water.

Fire Rescue Truck 22 and Engine 2 drove to the location, and firefighters Jonathan Santis and Diego Escudero went to save the panicked dog.

A firefighter rescuing a dog that fell into the water

“When we first got the call, we did get details that the dog weighed about 51 pounds,” Escudero said. “As soon as we heard that, I was like ‘Okay, that’s a pretty heavy dog.’ But once we got there, we saw that it was just the nicest dog and just wanted to get out of the water.”

In the footage, a firefighter descends a roof ladder perched on the seawall. The water was thigh-deep at the time, and he saw the dog struggling to keep her head afloat while paddling. She looked afraid and was hiding beneath the wall.

The firefighter walked toward the dog and grabbed her harness to guide her back to the ladder. He hoisted her over his right shoulder, and the pup starts wiggling as a second firefighter climbs down to spot the first one as he ascends with one arm to carry the dog back up.

Firefighter carrying a dog that fell into the water up a roof ladder

Once they reach the top, a third firefighter grabs the pup and places her on the ground. The phrases “do not pet” and “in training” are seen printed on the canine’s harness as she is lifted back onto dry land.

A small crowd begins to form as the man behind the camera pats the dog on the head and assures her, “It’s okay!”

Finally, the water-logged pup is reunited with her grateful owner, who can be heard saying, “I’m sorry guys,” before telling her dog to “say thank you” to her saviors.

A dog rescued by firefighters

And the dog’s response? A vigorous shake that sprayed everyone around with water! We’re glad to see the canine is in good spirits after her scary accident.

Escudero said that as soon they got the pup out, she was very thankful and started kissing everyone, wagging her tail as she did. 

The firefighter talked to the dog’s owner, and she told him about how her dog ended up in the bay.

“The first thing she says, ‘Oh, my dog, she loves the water. I let her off the leash for a little bit and looked away. Next thing I know, I hear this splash and then my dog was in the water.'” Escudero said.

“We’re so happy to have been able to help” the department wrote in a Facebook post alongside the heartwarming video.

Another incident of a dog rescue happened recently in Streator, Illinois. A senior Golden retriever named Macy fell into a sinkhole unbeknownst to her owner. The dog had been missing for nearly a day, and volunteers and a drone were sent out to look for her.

Luckily, one of her park playmates, Wrigley, went on a walk with his owner the following day. The dog saw his friend trapped in a sinkhole, so he whined and barked at the spot to alert his owner, who immediately called emergency services.

Firefighters pulling a Golden retriever out of a sinkhole

The Streator Fire Department responded to the call and commenced the rescue, which was caught on camera.

Initially, the firefighters tried to get Macy out with a ladder, but she couldn’t climb it because of her hip and leg problems. So, Fire Chief Fred McClellan descended into the hole to wrap webbing across the dog’s abdomen so the rest of the team could pull her out.

As firefighters hoisted Macy out of the hole, McClellan lost his footing. Luckily, his engineer, Tim Redd, managed to pull the dog out safely.

Macy went home with her owner and is “doing well and resting.”

Kudos to these firefighters for their efforts in rescuing our furry friends!

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