Stay in a cute tiny house all to yourself at this tiny village resort in Colorado state

Do you want to know how it feels to live in a tiny home? And if you’re one of those who are really curious, we suggest that you visit this resort in Lyons, Colorado state.

Since we’ve seen a huge growth in the number of families moving in tiny homes, we can’t help but wonder – what made these people choose to live in smaller spaces?

Aside from the obvious reasons, such as living a simpler life by having less stuff and saving up on bills – living in a tiny house is indeed intriguing.

The tiny resort village in Colorado

WeeCasa calls themselves “The World’s Largest Tiny House Resort” – and it’s true! The owner refers to the property as a village, since it is made up of a cluster of beautifully designed and unique houses. Book early so you’ll get the chance to choose from their wide variety of distinct and stylish homes.

One of the most popular dwellings in WeeCasa is the Hobbit House, according to director of operations, Karen Agena.

Aside from this customer favorite, there a lot of other options to choose from, and all of these houses have a particular look and style.

They surely made it hard for their customers to choose – all of these homes look so beautiful!


The inspiration for WeeCasa actually came from a tragic event. In 2013, Colorado state was hit with devastating floods, and the town of Lyons suffered particularly hard. Businessman Kenyon Waugh thought of helping with his town’s economic recovery after the flooding.

The popularity of tiny houses across the country made them an ideal option in a town that needed more housing alternatives, especially during the summer and fall months when many travelers come through Lyons on their way to Rocky Mountain National Park.


Kenyon was inspired by the tiny home movement after he hiked the Appalachian Trail together with his wife. According to Karen, the couple lived a more pared-down life during their stay there.

The tiny homes might have limited space, but they come with complete amenities.

This one is an excellent example. As you can see, a tiny refrigerator and stove were strategically placed just below the sleeping loft.


For those who are working remotely, the Juniper House is the perfect choice with its built-in work-space alongside a tiny kitchen counter-top.


For visitors who want to hold their meetings, parties, bridal showers and retreats in a breathtaking setting, the tiny house below can accommodate multiple guests with its 280 square feet of indoor space.


The Lily Pad features a boho vibe.

Lily Pad

Others give a modern feel.


If you love color, then this one’s for you!


WeeCasa also has an outdoor play field.


At the center of the grassy area are picnic benches and lounge chairs if you prefer relaxing and eating outside.


If you already have a tiny home in mind, you’ll want to book way in advance because WeeCasa is already booked for most summer weekends. Check out their selection of tiny houses here.


Tiny houses at WeeCasa could measure as large as 600 square feet, and they can accommodate up to six people. The smallest ones are about 165 square feet.

Are you ready to try out living in a tiny home? If you are, then you better do it here at WeeCasa in Colorado state!

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