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Woman rents home for over 20 years not expecting the generous landlord to leave the house to her

A woman inherits house from landlord she had been renting in Melbourne for over 20 years. Jane Sayner had the surprise of her life when she found out that the landlord wanted to leave it to her.

23 years ago, Sayner was house hunting, browsing listings in a local newspaper. She instantly fell in love with a two-bedroom unit in St. Albans, northwest of Melbourne.

It was a nice and cozy home with a garden, which she thought was perfect for her.

She moved into the neighborhood and had always paid her landlord John Perrett, $200 per week. When she first moved into the house, Sayner said that the yard was empty so she transformed it into a beautiful and colorful garden by planting a lot of plants and flowers.

According to Sayner, her landlord was very friendly and generous. He used to work as a pharmacist and was also a philanthropist.

He loved helping and giving back to the community. Over his lifetime of 83 years, Perrett accumulated multi-million dollars, which he whole-heartedly shared with the needy.

Perrett was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and a few years ago, he moved into a nursing home. He called Sayner one day and told her the most shocking news: he was leaving the house to her.

“I got a phone call from him one day and he said, ‘I want you to talk to my solicitor, he is here at the moment, and can you give him your full name because I’m leaving you the unit’,” Sayner said.

Sayner could not believe what Perrett had just said. She even doubted herself and thought she heard it wrong.

Luckily for her, it was for real. Perett saw how much Sayner loved the property since she never thought of leaving it even after over 20 years. This made him decide to leave it to her as a gift.

This decision changed Sayner’s life forever. Before owning the property, she had to work really hard to survive. Because she saved a lot of money by not paying rent anymore, she was finally able to retire.

The 74-year-old woman used to work at a market in Epping and now that she has her own home, she can relax and enjoy her life to the fullest.

Apparently, the house was not the only asset Perrett had. He was an only child and never got married.

After working for years as a pharmacist, he sold the pharmacy and put the proceeds into different investments.

Perrett donated $19.6 million to the Royal Melbourne Hospital’s nephrology department where he had a kidney transplant thirty years ago.

“Words can almost never describe how unselfish and incredibly generous Perrett is,” said Professor Nigel Toussiant from the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

“We are extremely grateful as a department of the hospital at the Royal Melbourne Hospital for such a bequest. It’s just amazing.”

Toussiant shared that the kidney transplant lasted for over 30 years until Perrett passed away.

“That was a life-saving gift, I guess, to take him off dialysis and he was obviously grateful for the care that he received, for all the doctors and nursing and medical staff to look after him at the Royal Melbourne Hospital,” Toussiant said.

The hospital plans to make good use of Perrett’s generous donation by supporting the hospital and its patients for the next decades. They are also thinking of honoring Perrett with commemorative plaques.

As for Sayner, she will always be thankful to the landlord for his kindness and generosity. She said she doesn’t forget to thank Perrett on a daily basis. “I thank him still, every day of my life. Just privately, I say, ‘Thanks, John.’”

Watch the captivating story as a woman inherits house from landlord in this must-watch video:

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.