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Woman just gave birth and couldn’t move, then strangers saved her from deadly fire

The Camp Fire in Northern California last November 8 took many lives and homes.

In the midst of the Camp Fire, everyone in the Feather River hospital has escaped; except for Heather Roebuck, a mother who just gave birth at the hospital. Heather delivered her baby by C-section when the Camp Fire bore down on the hospital. “It was sheer terror,” Roebuck recalled. “They just stitched me up really quickly.” Her baby and husband have successfully escaped before her while she was left helpless and hopeless.

Heather Roebuck Thought She Could Not Make It

Apparently, Roebuck could not walk alone or even move because of her recent operation. Flames were all around the hospital and she did not think she would survive. She immediately called her husband; thinking it was her last chance of hearing his voice. She told his husband on the phone; “I’m really sorry.” She also told him she could not make it and she wouldn’t be there with their kids.

Miracles Happen every day

Heather Roebuck already accepted her fate. However, the turn of events changed when a pediatrician suddenly appeared and offered her help. He used a backboard to move Roebuck out of the hospital. Still horror-stricken, Roebuck felt a little relieved knowing she had a chance of survival.

Hopeless Victims Became Fighters

Paradise Fire Chief David Hawks took Roebuck to the ambulance along with other patients. Hawks revealed that the pediatrician used the dog door to move the helpless woman out of the hospital.

In the ambulance, a nurse named Tamara Ferguson noticed something astounding while watching the patients. The people who were making farewell calls earlier suddenly became hopeful. They were all fighting for their lives despite the terror they felt.

Everyone Worked and Helped One Another

Tamara Ferguson was in awe as she watched everyone helping one another, “I see the paramedic on the roof, spraying down the roof. I see someone over here with a hose filling buckets. Chrissy is sweeping, someone with a shovel, I picked up piles of brush and cleared them to the road.

Families were Finally Saved

Heather Roebuck was so thankful she and her family survived this catastrophe. She really thought she was dying but she survived because of the strangers who helped her.

Many other families were saved and they could not thank Desiree Borden enough, the owner of the house which became their shelter during the Camp Fire. A lot of victims thanked her for her kindness and that she saved their lives by offering her home to them.

Desiree was surprised and thankful to know that her house was used as a shelter by victims of the fire. She and her family barely made it through the fire, “Once you got past one fire, there was another one, once you got past the next one, power poles were falling on you,” Borden told Good Day Sacramento.

But then her Desiree received a call. “They said, ‘Your home was a safe haven for us, your home saved our lives.‘”

Heather who was extremely grateful that she will be able to see her husband and kids had this to say: “They saved our family, and if it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be here.” 

Watch her story below:

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.