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This gymnast’s flawless floor routine captures hearts of viewers and broke the internet

The King of Pop Michael Jackson released one of his award-winning song Thriller on the year 1982. But more than three decades later, the upbeat and electrifying music of Michael Jackson rocked the grounds of the Collegiate Challenge in the Convention Center of Anaheim, California.

The audience and performers present on the convention center cheered their hearts out when a brilliant UCLA gymnast, Katelyn Ohashi, flipped, tumbled, split, swayed, and danced along some to a mashup of R&B and soul music, largely featuring some of Michael Jackson’s greatest hits

Twitter | UCLA

The talented Katelyn only performed her impeccable routine for about a minute-and-a-half, yet it seemed that time stopped when she took and owned the floor. Her flawless routine wowed the judges, the audience, and her fellow gymnasts. Affected by Katelyn’s contagious energy, the crowd cheered and danced along with her.

Twitter | UCLA

Aside from her superb dancing skills, mad body coordination, and impressive agility, it is no doubt that her overwhelming confidence and sunny smile was the cherry on top of her winning routine. Earning a perfect score of 10, Katelyn’s impressive performance ensured the victory of UCLA’S women’s gymnastics team at the Collegiate Challenge.

Katelyn’s unforgettable and upbeat routine to has stolen the attention of the internet, garnering more than 30 million of views on Twitter. It also caught the interest of various news agency and public figures.

In an article written by The Washington Post, Katelyn’s number was referred to as “electrifying,” “full of gravity-defying flip,” and “a healthy dose of sassy confidence.”

Twitter | UCLA

Meanwhile, Senator Kamala Harris expressed her amazement at the 21-year-old’s talent and skills on her Twitter account.

“This is just fantastic. Congratulations, @katelyn_ohashi and @uclagymnastics.” Sen. Harris said, along with a re-tweeted video of Katelyn’s performance.

“Omg! I got you with tickets too any time!”. Thrilled by Sen. Harris’ words, Katelyn said she has the senator’s tickets covered in case she would drop by the next event.

Her wonderful performance did not escape the eyes of journalist, Soledad O’brien as well. Tweeting her performance along with the caption of: “amazing.”

For some, Katelyn’s captivating routine may be just another outlet for displaying one’s talent and skills in gymnastics. But for the 21-year-old gymnast, her viral video tells a story about a girl who has fallen countless times and earnestly stood up for each.

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Unbeknownst to most people, Katelyn used to compete on the elite level of gymnast competitions. Sadly, things did not turn out for the best. After unfortunate incidents that led to injuries that tore both her shoulders and fractured her back, Katelyn found herself losing her passion for the activity she loved so much.

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Thus, the talented and determined gymnast decided to go to UCLA instead and let her collegiate career flourish. But when she felt ready she joined university’s gymnastic team. That seemed to be one of the best decisions she had made in her life. And after their team won the NCAA title last April, Katelyn disclosed that she was involved in a serious car accident the night before their national championship.

Twitter | UCLA

But lo and behold, Katelyn is back at it again! Wowing not only the audience at the convention center but the entire world as well! Could this be the best gymnastic performance ever?

Watch Katelyn’s captivating routine below and may her story remind you that no amount of adversity in life can bring a determined and strong-willed woman down!

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