Two Canadian women best friends of over 50 years win $2M in the lottery

These two Canadian women just became the luckiest pair of best friends ever. Not only are they living in the same house – they’re doing so with more money than they’ve ever had!

Martha McCallum and Susan Hook have been lifelong friends. For more than 50 years, they’ve been with each other through life’s highs and lows, and the two stuck together after the death of their husbands.

Two Canadian women won lottery.

The two Canadian women decided to split a BC/49 ticket last weekend and soon after, they discovered that they were able to match all six numbers on the August 17, 2019, draw.

Now, they are $2 million richer!

“I was on my coffee break and decided to check the ticket,” Martha said. “I thought ‘what do all the zeros mean? And I went back to work believe it or not.”

The lottery win also came at a difficult time for the best friends. The Canadian women are both widows, and it was during the death anniversary of Susan’s late husband that they found out that they’ve won the lottery.

Two Canadian women won lottery.
British Columbia Lottery Corporation

“I’m not a drinker but I said ‘I need a glass of wine,’ and we cried together,” Susan tells the British Columbia Lottery Corporation. “It’s quite something to know that we became millionaires on that day. I dread that day every year.”

The biggest question is: what do the best friends plan to do with their winnings?

Susan and Martha would like to keep their current status and continue living together. They are also looking into fulfilling “lifelong travel plans and making their lives “comfortable, but not flashy.”

What’s better than winning the lottery is winning it with your best friend, and that is exactly what Susan and Martha got!