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Man donates a few dollars to a homeless man — then wins $200,000 the next day

The following story will make you believe that karma is real – may it be good or bad. There are often two things that could happen when people encounter a homeless person or a beggar – it’s either they ignore him, or they donate something that he needs in the form of food, clothing, or a few dollars.

This man from Idaho did the latter. On a Monday evening, Brandon Sedin stopped at a local mall in Boise to do some shopping after work. He saw a homeless man on the street corner, and he decided to give him a few dollars.


This act of kindness may have been natural to Brandon, and he might not have given it any thought after he handed those few dollars to the poor man. But what happened next would remind him of the good deed that he performed earlier.

After his shopping, Brandon went into a food store where he could buy some scratch-and-win tickets.

“I don’t play that often, but I just felt I should pick some up,” he said.

It was a random thought that would earn this man more than what he expected.

Courtesy of Idaho Lottery

He scratched the card and to his surprise, it showed that he won $200,000!

“Wow, talk about Karma!” he said.

As it turns out, Brandon’s lottery winnings were the last top prize in the game called Juggernaut Jackpot. It was as if it was waiting for him all along!

The man plans to save and invest the money that he won.

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