Two Beautiful Imperfect Souls

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The TRUTH is… a real relationship is two imperfect souls who love each other so deeply they refuse to give up on each other. — Unknown

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  1. So true
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  2. With the hustel and bustle of our younger years in marriage, if we haven’t had the structure of our parents to follow when young, we overlook the man, the woman we married…with the love we first shared when we married, we can bring it back to life and passion by realizing that God joined you in the first place, the vows you took are strong, it gets better as we get older, and realize what nonsense we put ourselves through when we put each other in the background because of this secular world we live in..pray for unity, wisdon and discernment, and keep the family as a unit, look around and see what you have, treasure it, it may not be what you want, but it is what you need…God has a plan for all of us, just listen and pray…one might be stronger then the other, but that should all balance out in the end…change your hearts from stone to flesh, and laugh more, don’t take life so seriously…we are all struggling….

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