Three young boys slay Beyonce’s LISTEN

Three hours ago Ellen Degeneres posted this video clip on her page and it has been shared 33,000 times and has gotten 66,000 likes.

Thousands immediately loved the performance because of their powerful vocals and their onstage charisma is simply amazing.

Many are wondering where the voices are coming from, watch the video and you will be thinking the same way.

Here are some comments from the Facebook community:

“I can’t say I’m really a Beyoncé fan and yet ‘Listen’ is easily one of my favourite songs. This was INCREDIBLE. These boys are sooo talented. Amazing!” — Emma P.

“I still stand by our statement that no one should ever cover a Beyoncé song…. BUT these kids KILLED it!” — Jordan G.

“Omg i literally cried girl!!! They made me cry in a very good way, i love them so bad. I also love the sass they had on one another.” — Enn Truong

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