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This baby’s hair is so intense you’d think it’s not real — it is!

Some people are doing everything they can in keeping their hair long, bouncy, and beautiful. After all, it is only a must to keep our tresses healthy and beautiful because it is the only crown we will never take off. Thus, to keep our hair always in its best condition, a lot of hair products are filling the market.

However, a baby born in Japan last December 2017, seems to not need hair products to achieve #HairGoals anymore, for she was born with a head full of a healthy strand of hairs!

Her photos uploaded online showing her glorious mane is taking the internet by storm! People all over the world never imagined that they will find themselves being envious of a 7-month-old girl’s locks.

For a 7-month-old, her thick and bouncy hair is even longer as compared with some school kids.

Chanco’s mother recently began taking photos of the infant and her dazzling locks. She even created an Instagram account dedicated to Chanco and her hair adorned and styled with clips and ribbons.

In just a matter of minutes, her photos went viral, not only on the photo-sharing platform but as well as in other social media sites.

To this day, despite posting a total of 46 photos of baby Chanco on Instagram, her account has an astounding 103,000 followers, Making Chanco an internet sensation!

Even in her sleep, Baby Chanco’s bouncy and volumed hair looks effortlessly beautiful!

According to Dr. Bud Zukow, a pediatrician consulted in a Hair specialist website, whether a baby will be born with a full head hair is determined by the genetics and ethnicity of the baby’s parents and ancestry. Even so, it sure is remarkable how baby Chanco’s hair seems to be unique from other babies.

Baby Chanco’s Instagram followers cannot help but express how they find the infant’s hair irresistibly beautiful! The following are some of the comments left by her fans under the comment section.

She is so cute! Congratulations from Brazil, a supporter all the way from Brazil wrote.

Why can’t I have volume like that? What is your secret?” asked by a fan, who wants to have her hair be as beautiful as baby Chanco’s.

It’s so thick and beautiful,” another fan said, voicing out her observation and admiration.

“What a miracle!” true to the fan’s words, baby Chanco’s hair seems to be a miracle as not all infants are born with the same locks as hers.

Baby Chanco’s 103,000 followers sure can’t wait for the next #HairGoals photo they will gush over. Eager to see an update in her hairdo, a lot of her fans are hoping that Baby Chanco will be able to maintain her healthy locks even when she grew-up!

How did your hair look like when you were an infant? Were you also blessed with a head full of healthy hair when you were born? Even if not, certainly you still look adorably cute!

Photo | Baby Chanco

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.