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Former teacher retires to a beautiful single level tiny house after moving out of her 50-acre ranch

After leaving her career as a teacher, Charlene decided to downsize to a tiny, beautiful house.

Charlene and her husband own a 50-acre ranch, which she has maintained alone since her husband died in 2007.

She knew that her life would undergo a vast transformation if she ever retired. So, she decided to sell the property and downsize to a tiny house in Austin, Texas.

However, she said there are things to consider before downsizing, so she shared her 4 W’s before moving into a tiny house.

You need a strong “why” to commit to a tiny house lifestyle because it is not for everyone.

You must also prepare in advance because many manufacturers require at least a year’s lead time to construct unique tiny homes. So, knowing when you want to move is crucial.

The following concern is where it should be built because many local governments have stringent regulations regarding constructing and using tiny houses.

After answering the first three W’s, it would be easy to determine the last one, which is what design or model you would like for your tiny house.

Charlene’s 399-square-foot tiny, beautiful house with 13-and-a-half-foot tall ceilings proves her tips are great!

Charlene and her husband used to be sailors back in the day, and that’s the story behind her “Galley” kitchen.

The kitchen is fully customized and features a lot of storage.

She said she went to the builder’s facility 40 miles from her home to make sure they built it exactly what she wanted.

The model comes with an oven, but she did not want a range but extra storage, so the space meant for the oven was replaced by spacious cabinets.

The kitchen has a microwave oven, a large sink, a countertop oven, an electric stove, a huge fridge, and a stackable washer and dryer.

Charlene said that her house is 13-and-a-half feet tall because that is the maximum height of the interior, and she wants something other than a loft.

“I spent the first 75 percent of my life accumulating stuff, so I made a conscious effort not to get a loft,” she said, adding that she doesn’t want to get convenient for her to start buying things and putting them up there.

Moreover, Charlene, 72, said that she is not going to climb stairs at her age, and she loves heights, so that’s a plus.

Next to the kitchen is her fantastic bedroom.

She adores the queen-sized bed that she has in her room, as well as the cedar accent wall that gives it a rustic vibe.

The high ceiling gives the area a feeling of expansiveness, and the rustic decor complements the exposed beams perfectly.

She loves the two sliding-door closets because they provide more space for her clothing and stuff.

“This is an oasis, and I love it,” she said.

Charlene’s beautiful house has a mid-size bathroom. Despite its size, it has many storages and a custom-made shower.

Although the living room is smaller, it feels roomy because of the strategically placed furniture.

The half wall improves the separation from the rest of the house in the living room.

The tiny house is designed to have an indoor electric fireplace. Still, Charlene said she replaced it with storage for her electronics since she already has a wood-burning fireplace outside.

At the back of her beautiful house is the deck where her wood-burning fireplace is.

Charlene said she stays at the deck for quiet time or to start her day.

It is also the place where she spends time with her friends and neighbors.

Charlene’s father, who passed away in April 2019, had always encouraged her to retire early so that she could fully appreciate her life.

When he dies, Charlene gives it a thought and decides to follow his father’s advice, and she is happy with her decision to live in a tiny, beautiful house.

Take a tour of Charlene’s home below:

For more epic tiny home videos, visit Tiny Home Tours on YouTube.

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L. Lara

Saturday 25th of March 2023

I love tiny homes... :)

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