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Teen in wheelchair surprises classmates by walking across stage at graduation

What most of us would consider a normal daily activity is a feat for this recent high school graduate. This is her inspiring story.

Madison Scott has defied the odds all her life, and on her graduation day, she is set on  doing that once more – by walking the stage alone.

inspiring story


19 years ago, Jill and Stuart Scott had their sixth child, a healthy baby girl they named Madison. All was well until one day, at just five months old, Madison suffered a massive stroke.

“We weren’t getting very good reports from doctors, and I was kinda discouraged that we’d kind of reached the best it was gonna be,” Stuart said.

Doctors said that even if their baby survives, she wouldn’t be able to live a productive life.

Madison had to be fed through a feeding tube. She also lost all ability to walk even before she learned how to, and her brain was damaged beyond repair.

But the little girl was a fighter, and she was able to surpass all expectations. Even though she has used a wheelchair ever since, Madison has taken some big steps throughout her life.

inspiring story


When she was six years old, Madison spoke her first words. At seven, she could finally eat without the need for a feeding tube. At 14, she learned how to tie her shoes for the very first time. Over the years, she even tried walking on her own, if only a few small steps.

“She has worked for every single thing she has accomplished and has never given up and continues to do so,” Jill said.

For Madison, education was a priority, and she has always excelled in school. This might be the reason why she was accepted to every college that she applied to, and she will also graduate with a perfect GPA.

She will attend the University of North Texas to study art.

“I want to make a difference and show people that, ‘Hey, look, you have to work hard for things,'” Madison said. “They don’t come easy.'”

inspiring story


On graduation day, Madison’s classmates had no idea that she had a surprise up her sleeve.

Madison promised herself that if her classmates were going to walk across that stage, she was going to do it, too. She had been practicing for months prior to the big day and when it came, Madison stood up from her wheelchair with the help of one of her the teachers.

Then, Madison walked across the stage!

inspiring story


She made it all the way with only the help of her crutches. Her fellow seniors rose to their feet and gave her loud cheers and applause. Jill and Stuart couldn’t help but tear up seeing their daughter walk that stage. Indeed, it was a monumental moment for the Scott family.


Once she got back on her wheelchair, Madison couldn’t help but get emotional, too. She just did something that her doctors thought was unthinkable.


Madison has defied another odd. And with the kind of determination that she has, it is certain that she will be doing greater things in the future. Her inspiring story will definitely make people’s hearts smile.

Watch the emotional moment that Madison walked across the stage in the video below.

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