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Police officer helps student fix tie ahead of high school graduation

A police officer from Kingsland, Georgia is being applauded for his kind act towards a teenage boy before his graduation.

In a Facebook post that recently went viral, a police officer is seen taking a break from directing traffic to help a teenage boy knot his tie before his high school graduation. A woman, presumed to be his mother, looked on as his son received the finishing touches on his graduation attire. Once the officer secured the knot and folded down the student’s collar, he immediately went back to his duty.


The clip, uploaded by Patricia Campwood, was shared by ABC News on their Facebook page, where it has garnered a total of 155,000 reactions and 16,000 shares.

Many people commended the police officer for his good deed.

One user named Julie Shalvoy wrote:

“That was awesome!! He saw something needed and did it. Thank you to the officer. I’m certain the graduate appreciated it, even tho he looked kind of embarrassed.”

While the Kingsland Police Department has not confirmed the identity of the police officer in the video, comments identify him as Officer James Flowers.

Camden County Schools teacher Ta Sha Danielle told Yahoo Lifestyle that he has been the Camden County High School’s community officer for more than five years.

“I am a teacher and during career week, I contacted him at the last minute and he came to our preschool class the next day to talk with our children,” she said. “He is always helping people in the community.”


The student in the video may not be the only one that Officer Flowers helped with his tie according to another user’s comment:

“I saw him helping a different young man as well. Kudos!” the person wrote.

Well done, Officer Flowers! We salute you for your kind heart and dedication to helping the people in your community.

Watch the whole viral video below.

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