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These shipping container pools can take your summer fun to the next level

If you’re not a fan of public swimming pools, you’re probably tired of watching from the sidelines as everyone is having fun in the water.

Luckily, there’s actually a product out there for people like you—shipping container pools!

The tiny home movement gave rise to shipping container houses, but we’ve rarely heard of them being made into pools, which makes this invention pretty cool.

Apparently, they’re extremely cost-effective, too! Plus, they’re quite durable and can be shipped anywhere, making them perfect for people who tend to move a lot.

If you ever decide to get a regular pool installed in your yard, you’d need to pay for excavation, installation, tiling, and accessorizing—all of which can cost a fortune.

Other things you’d have to spend money on is the upkeep of your in-ground pool. With shipping container pools, you get to save on all of that.

Modpools, a Canadian pool manufacturer, recently patented an economical shipping container swimming pool fitted with a thick glass window on the side.

This feature makes it look like a huge fish tank when viewed from the glass corner.

The shipping container pool’s cost varies depending on the size. Customers can choose among 12-, 20-, and 40-feet pools.

Modpools also decked out their shipping container pools with LED lights and a strong cartridge filter system to ensure the water stays fresh and clean.

Save for the 12-foot pool, the other types come with a 400,000 BTU heater that can heat the pool to 104 degrees and a hot tub divider wall made from lightweight honeycomb acrylic.

You can use it to divide the pool into two sections if you want to use the jacuzzi and regular modes simultaneously. This feature isn’t available in the 12-foot pool because of limited space.

The 20- and 40-feet pools are equipped with 8 body jets for users to enjoy the spa mode and standard-stepped spa seating arrangements.

All these ultra-modern pools can be controlled using a wireless control screen logic application that can be enabled on a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Installing these pools is relatively simple, since the Modpool arrives fully built with a ready-to-go mechanical room. It will be delivered via a 5’3 flatbed truck to your address.

You or your contractor should cover four main areas: land prep, crane/forklift offloading, running electrical, connecting the gas line.

To make your pool set up better, you can build a deck around it with stairs to make it more accessible.

Container pools are generally more cost-effective compared to traditional in-ground pools. The use of shipping containers as the structural framework reduces construction and material costs.

Additionally, container pools often require less maintenance and use fewer resources, leading to potential long-term cost savings.

Currently, Modpools ships all over Canada and the United States, except Puerto Rico. You can visit the Modpools website to get a free quote and learn more about their products.

If you want to learn more about shipping container pools watch the video below:

What do you think of shipping container pools? Would you love to have one in your home? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this story!

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Marsha Clark

Monday 19th of April 2021

Love this!

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