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Stray dog with injured paw wanders into vet clinic all on his own to ask for help 

Although we know how intelligent dogs are, it’s still amazing to witness how clever they can be. And one perfect example of a pup like that is this four-legged cutie from Brazil who wandered into an animal care clinic.

Earlier this month, the Clinica Vet VIP in Juazeiro do Norte in Brazil had a surprise visitor: a stray black dog looking to undergo a “consultation.”

The canine was obviously hurting as he limped going inside the clinic. He leaned on the wall before sitting down and waited for someone to approach him.

When the veterinarian of the animal care clinic, Dr. Dayse Ferreira da Silva, spotted him, she immediately examined him for injuries.

Dr. Dayse had just finished treating another client when the dog wandered in. She and her staff were all amazed, seeing how the pup had taken the initiative to seek assistance all on his own. He also appeared to trust them immediately.

The dog knew exactly what to do.

“When he came in, he put the injured paw forward, as if to say hello and to show that he was hurting,” Dr. Dayse told The Dodo. “We were surprised because he knew where to ask for help.”

The vet asked the dog to go into the examination room. To their surprise, he immediately obeyed her commands.

After giving him a quick assessment, Dr. Dayse found that his paw was in pain because it had a nail stuck to it. He was also covered in fleas. Luckily, both of these conditions were treatable.

It’s also good that he came to the clinic because Dr. Dayse discovered something more serious: the pup had a transmissible venereal tumor. This was a common disease among stray dogs and is also highly contagious, according to the vet. Thankfully, it was also treatable.

After his examination, the staff gave the sick dog some pampering. He was given a cleansing bath, and Dr. Dayse put him on medication.

As word spread about the vet clinic’s new patient, adoption offers for him started pouring in.

When the time is right, the stray dog—named Quindim by Dr. Dayse—will be up for adoption. For now, he needs to stay for at least a month in the clinic for his chemotherapy treatments.

After all, it seems like he’s really enjoying his stay at Vet VIP. Dr. Dayse said he is doing great and responding very well to the chemotherapies and the drugs he has been taking.

“He doesn’t even look sick. He just is so excited to be around people who care about him,” Dr. Dayse said.

The doctor describes the pup as a loving, playful, and outgoing dog. He also runs, plays, and socializes well with the other animals.

Quindim is about to live his best life—thanks to his initiative and the people who gave him exactly what he needed.

“The most admirable thing is that he came on his own. His intelligence is beautiful,” the vet said. “I’m sure he will find a home that will welcome him and receive him with all the love he deserves.”

Dr. Dayse, who often leaves food and water outside the animal care clinic for stray animals, said she is “very happy to be able to help.”

“It is a common practice in my clinic, if God permits, it will be found a very good home,” she said.

Here’s the video footage of Quindim entering the clinic.

We hope that Quindim makes a full recovery so that he can find his forever family soon!

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Friday 19th of March 2021

What a great story about a very sweet, special dog.

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