An adorable squirrel rescued from a hurricane can’t sleep without her cuddly teddy bear

This level of adorable is just too much for us to handle — and the internet is all over it!

Remember the time when we were kids and always needed a sleeping buddy? Whether it was our favorite stuffed toy, a blankie, or a pillow, we can’t be convinced to go to bed until we have these things. Who knew that squirrels can go through the same thing?

Meet Jill, the new internet sensation. This cutie is a 7-year-old squirrel rescued from Hurricane Isaac that hit Louisiana in August 2012. She reportedly fell out of her nest during the storm, so the people who found her took her in.


The intention was to let the squirrel stay in their home temporarily, but Jill ended up staying a bit longer than planned.

Small as she may be, Jill has a huge following on social media, having racked up 671,000 loyal followers from all over the world on Instagram!

“Vegetarian, parkour expert whose only fear is the vacuum. But, she loves every Starbucks napkin she meets,” it says on her bio.

A new internet darling is this adorable rabbit.

Clearly, Jill is unlike most squirrels, living in a home and having a family to care for her. But Jill had another quality that was most probably unique to her – whenever bedtime is approaching, she insists on holding a miniature teddy bear to cuddle to sleep.

Jill is every bit a domesticated squirrel. She is potty trained, loves to dress up, and knows how to pose for the camera.

Jill’s owner documents her daily life and posts the photos on Instagram for her loyal followers to see.

Internet peeps can't just get over how adorable this Jill the squirrel is.

It’s easy to see why Jill was able to accumulate a huge following over the years – her feed provides a dose of happy vibes!

Since 2015, Jill has been the cutest celebrity on the internet, and it looks like she will be holding that title for the years to come.

The new internet sensation!

Judging by the pictures on social media, Jill seems so loved by her family. They celebrate her birthday every year, she has cute little outfits made just for her, and she frequently enjoys delicious snacks. She is definitely living the dream life of every pet!

Jill also enjoys traveling and going to the beach. “Jill has come with me on vacation ever since I began caring for her — before she was even a year old. She is a pro at long drives,” her owner says.


But at the end of each day, Jill always comes back to her sleeping companion – the miniature white teddy bear that brings comfort to her during her naps and bedtimes.

Follow Jill on Instagram to get a glimpse of her fascinating life. And if you just can’t get enough of her cuteness, you may purchase a ‘fan pillow’ with Jill’s pictures printed on it!