Cheetos-loving squirrel rules over Seattle park, steals snacks from kids

Where do squirrels live?

Normally, squirrels can be found on trees and they’re usually aloof towards humans – but this one’s an exception.

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Kevin, a female squirrel, can be considered the odd one out among her species. That’s because she is often found on the ground plus, she’s not afraid of people. In fact, she is so comfortable around humans that she has the audacity to steal food from them!

Yes, you read that right. Kevin – who roams around Discovery Park in Seattle – is an expert Tupperware-opener, stroller-hopper, and backpack-raider – the determined creature will pry open anything that has food in it.

But this squirrel won’t take any kind of food because she has a favorite – cheesy snacks.

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If you offer her fruit, nuts, or vegetables, she wouldn’t have it. But give her Cheetos or Goldfish Cheez-its, and she’ll gobble it all up in minutes.

“She’ll go through zippers, tear through backpacks, strollers, climb into the stroller… very dexterous,” a park-goer who knows Kevin’s antics told Q13 News.

According to local parents, Kevin doesn’t mind when kids hold her. She even climbed up a woman’s leg for popcorn one time.

Now that’s one bold squirrel – and a demanding one, too!

The city doesn’t encourage people to feed wildlife, but we’re guessing it’s too late for Kevin. The people who think she’s adorable give the squirrel her preferred treats.

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But of course, not everyone is on Team Kevin. In fact, a mom recently posted on Facebook about the squirrel and warned the others who regularly go to Discovery Park.

“Beware this squirrel with the notched ear,” Willow Naranjo wrote on Facebook. “It rules over the playground at Discovery Park.”

The post received a lot of comments from parents who had a personal encounter with Kevin – and they didn’t have a lot of good things to say.

“That squirrel climbed into the stroller I WAS PUSHING and rummaged through everything. It wouldn’t leave even with me freaking out and shaking the stroller. Luckily there was no baby in the stroller. Shudder,” JiaYing Grygiel wrote.

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One even called Animal Control to get rid of Kevin, but it led nowhere. Another mom confessed that her son even had nightmares about the animal and didn’t want to go back to the park because of it.

Overall, park-goers had mixed feelings towards Kevin.

Watch the video below via Q13 Fox to hear peoples’ stories about the cheese-loving squirrel.