Cat owner shares adorable video of his kitten following him into the ocean to swim

If you are a certified binge-watcher of cute animal videos, then you should definitely see the one below of a beach-loving cat swimming with her dad!

Mike Usher from St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands is the proud owner of Gracie the cat. Recently, a video of him with the feline went viral for obvious reasons. The footage of Gracie following Mike out to sea was just so cute, that people online couldn’t help but swoon over the duo!

Mike told The Dodo that it didn’t take long for him to discover that Gracie was capable of swimming in the ocean with him.

“She always kind of wanted to be around me wherever I was, whatever I was doing,” Mike said.


He first found Gracie hidden in a small hole in the wall in town. It was obvious that the poor cat had no family nearby, so Mike figured that he should adopt the tiny kitten.

“I needed a companion,” he said. “And she lost her mom, she lost her family. It was almost meant to be.”

Mike shared that he lived a pretty active lifestyle and always felt bad about leaving Gracie home alone all day while he was enjoying the outdoors. So instead of being left indoors all day, Gracie adapted her owner’s lifestyle and learned how to be an outdoor cat, even going so far as swimming in the ocean with Mike whenever he goes in.

cute animal videos

This was rare behavior for a cat, as we all know that most of them despise the water. But it was the opposite for Gracie, as it is clear in their now-viral video that she loved being in the ocean.

“When I bring her out in the water, I always have a towel set up,” Mike said. “She goes right to the towel. I have a bottled water that I let sit in the sun a bit and I give her a bath.”


The cat dad makes sure that he is able to wash off most traces of ocean water in Gracie’s fur after they leave the water. Aside from swimming in the ocean, the cat also enjoys running along the shoreline and climbing trees around the island.

“Whenever I have free time I bring her down to the beach,” Mike said. “She runs down the beach with me. She’s just getting smarter and smarter.”

cute animal videos

Because of Gracie, Mike has transformed into a certified “cat dad”, and he’s not ashamed of it! In fact, he even created an Instagram account where he shares cute animal videos and photos of Gracie’s adventures on the island.

Watch the video below  to see Gracie swimming with her dad and having a blast!

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