Single mom builds adorable tiny home after losing her houses in divorce

The last thing every married couple want in their relationship is hiring a family law lawyer, but it becomes a necessity once you find yourself separating from  your spouse. You want to make sure that you don’t lose everything — like your house!

“My life has been a series of unfortunate events,” Boyle explains in a video tour of her home. “I have been married twice, I had been divorced twice, I have built two houses and I lost the houses basically in the carnage of my divorces.”, Michelle says.

Michelle, however, did not succumb to depression, she did the next best thing  — she built herself a tiny house!

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Michelle’s interest in all-things-tiny-and-old started at 12 years old when she became fascinated with a tiny, abandoned farmhouse near her parent’s home. This spurred a passion in her, and she has been sketching floor plans ever since.

But for grown-up Michelle, things haven’t been so easy. She has spent 13 years of her life living paycheck to paycheck, with no retirement plan and no savings at all.

She eventually grew tired of the struggle, and she wanted to make sure that her two children will have a secure future. Most importantly, she wanted an affordable place where her family could live in – that’s when the idea of building a tiny home came across her mind.

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She used cash and sponsorship to build her entire home. As a form of income, she has also decided to build a few more tiny homes that she will rent out. Michelle refers to her home as “My Empty Nest”, and it measures 8 1/2 feet wide and 24 feet long.

She built it mostly by herself, but she sought the help of a few contractors and friends in the driveway of her rental.

“My favorite room in my tiny house is my kitchen,” she explains. “I think a lot of people sacrifice in their kitchen when they build a tiny house but I wanted to show everybody that you can have a really cool and stylish kitchen.”

Michelle’s kitchen is complete – with a tall refrigerator, cabinet and drawer space, stove sink and counter-top space – you wouldn’t even believe that she is living in a tiny home!

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In her bathroom, you will find a compost toilet and a shower.

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Her living room has two sofas, a credenza, and a cupboard. It also holds a staircase leading up to her loft bedroom.

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There is also a ladder provided to reach the adjacent loft space which serves as a guest bedroom.

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That is a beautifully-made house right there! Congratulations to Michelle for embarking on this journey not just to pursue her passion, but more importantly, to make sure that she could sustain and take good care of her two children.

Mark Sharley Photography

Get a full tour of Michelle’s wonderful tiny home in the video below via Dylan Magaster.

UPDATE: It has been sometimes since this story went viral, Michelle has moved on to a different home and you guessed it right, another beautiful tiny home. So be sure to follow her Facebook page and Website.

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  1. Do you know the Total final price of the completed home? We live in a small one bedroom home now….Although it is not considered tiny… we have No children at home….so it’s just the two of us…..I always thought of getting it moved out and putting a Tiny hone in……I think they are ideal….. The

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