Dog is asleep on the back seat until her favorite song comes on!

Driving sure is enjoyable when someone is keeping you company, but finding the perfect partner in a duet while driving sure makes the ride twice as joyous! Fortunately for Annie there is no such thing as a boring journey, especially when she has Lola — her talented singing dog!

A year ago, Annie embarked on a road trip together with Lola between Montgomery, Alabama and Miami, Florida. She was singing along the We Are The Champions that played on the radio.

Meanwhile, her trusted German Shepherd, Lola, was resting at the backseat and seem to pay no attention to what Annie was doing.

Annie turned up the volume of her car stereo and started lip-syncing along with the classic song. Lola, on the other hand, seem to be lost in her own world and remained uninterested to what Annie was listening to.

That is until the chorus filled the air. As if there a button had been pushed, the once disinterested Lola became excited.

The singing dog did not settle for lip-syncing like what Annie was doing. Instead, the excited and thrilled dog howled and barked along with the energy-pumping music.

The hilarious and truly memorable duet of Annie and Lola was captured in a video which was uploaded on YouTube and other social media network sites. Since it has been uploaded last February 2017, it already reached an astounding 7,012,141 number of views!

The people all over the world who witnessed the enthusiastic Lola singing along the chorus of We Are The Champion would definitely agree that Lola is one gifted dog!

“That puppy has great taste in music.” A YouTube user left below the comment section of the uploaded video. Applauding Lola’s taste in music.

“It’s always important to take a good backing singer along on road trips! :)” Another YouTube user said, stressing the importance of having someone to sing with when traveling on the road.

“I’d wake up to if i heard queen on the radio.” Another YouTube user said, understanding why Lola woke up and rocked with her favorite music.

“I DON’T KNOW THE LYRICS BUT I’M GONNA SING ANYWAY – Lola probably” A YouTube user humorously said.

Despite a number of people finding the viral video funny and adorable. A lot of netizens all over the world cannot help but express concern over Lola’s well-being. Some people think that Lola seems to be excited, when in reality the German Shepherd reacted that way because it is getting anxious and agitated.

“My dog howls like that when the music is loud and hurts her ears.” One YouTube user said, sharing his knowledge based from his personal experience.

“The music’s too loud. You’re hurting your dog’s ears. Dog’s not singing, it’s complaining. :(” Another YouTube user commented, expressing concern for Lola.

“Killing the poor dog’s ears, that’s why he’s howling; the pitch of the music is bothering him.” Another netizen said, informing Annie that Lola’s ears were probably hurting.

On the other hand, other people who watched the video believe that Lola, the German Shepherd dog is perfectly fine.

“I think this is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!! Lola knows good music! We had a shepherd that would sing along with us too! She enjoyed it. It’s natural pack behavior and some dogs are just more vocal then others. For all you haters—-the dog is not in pain from the “music being too loud”! You can tell the music is hardly up because Lola’s chauffeur is barley singing….so you can hear Lola! ” One Youtube user explained.

Watch the viral video below and see for yourself how Lola excitedly woke up to sing along her favorite song. Did you find Lola’s video funny as well? Share your thoughts below the comment section!

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