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Boy caught on camera filling empty trick-or-treat bowl with his own candy

If there is one thing that kids love about Halloween, it is dressing up as their favorite characters and getting as many chocolates and candies as they want. Hayden Chaple, an 11-year-old boy, was among the other kids who were having a good time tricking or treating last Halloween.

Dressed-up as Eleven from Stranger Things, Hayden knocked on every door in his neighborhood for the sweet treats. The then 11-year-old soon found himself standing at the doorsteps of one of his neighbors. On the porch was a bowl of candy for the kids who were tricking or treating. Thrilled, Hayden went to the bowl to get his share of sweets when he was surprised by a disappointing situation.

Apparently, someone had stolen the contents of the entire bowl of candy, leaving no sweets for the other children. This was despite the fact that the homeowners left a sign that said ‘Do a trick and take a treat. And smile- you’re on camera’ on the candy bowl.

Hayden, who was saddened by the disheartening situation, was about to leave and move on to the next house. When Hayden noticed a bunch of kids who were about to come on the front porch to get some sweet treats.

The homeowners who decided to watch the video, captured on the camera they have left, were surprised to see the next action Hayden did.

Rather than simply leaving the house and continue his trick or treat adventure, Hayden found himself unable to leave the porch knowing that there are other kids approaching the scene. Not wanting to let the kids feel the same disappointment he felt, Hayden quickly put some candies from his own bag.

According to Jesse Robertson, the homeowner, he was out trick or treating with his family so he decided to put a bowl of candy on his porch. He even left a sign subtly warning others that a camera was watching them. Sadly, a lot of people did not take his warning seriously and stole the entire content of the bowl of candies.

Surprised and touched by Hayden’s selflessness and generosity, Jesse decided to share the admirable character of the 11-year-old boy on social media. Hayden’s kind gesture warmed the hearts of millions of people who were inspired by his actions.

“It was a random act of kindness. You don’t see that kind of stuff nowadays. You see the kids stealing the candy — but this was really different. We thought it would be great to post something good,” Jesse said, explaining how Hayden’s actions were just too good not to be shared.

“I told my mom that the kids were going to be so disappointed because there’s no candy in there,” The 11-year-old narrated, recalling the reason that inspired him to put his kindness into action.  “She told me I could put some of my own candy in the bowl and I thought that would be cool.”

“I didn’t see the camera. I thought they wrote the sign to stop people and I thought that was clever,” Hayden explained. ‘I just wanted to do a nice thing.”

Watch the video of the 11-year-old Hayden to witness his heartwarming kindness and selflessness. May his generosity and his strong sense of social responsibility remind all of us that kindness, no matter how big or small, had never failed to warm hearts and paint smiles on people!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.