Here are the 7 things that definitely make someone a ‘Forever Friend’

Friendship means different things to everyone. To some it means security, to others it means trust and maybe even just common interests. A combination of different things that make your life better because of their friendship.

Only you know deep down inside who will be your forever friends. Forever friends are in a different category as best friends. I am going to tell you what makes a forever friend.

1. A forever friend means that you have both argued at some point not because you’ve upset each other but because you are worried they’re making the wrong decision. A forever friend will tell you that you have food in your teeth.

2. A forever friend will ignore any phobia they have to help you (e.g. Blood phobia and your friend has hurt themselves). A forever friend will help you through the toughest times of your life even if all they do is show up with a bottle of wine.

3. A forever friend answers the phone in the middle of the night (regardless of the last conversation being years ago) and if you see that missed call in the morning you didn’t hear you automatically panic and swallow your heart.

4. A forever friend remembers and knows the deep secrets and stories of yours and you know their lives and you both know when to stop talking or to ask if they’re okay.

5. A forever friend knows the reasons as to why you have “ticks” and “phobias” and “quirks” because the likeliness is, they were there when it formed, or actually cared enough to understand and learn it.

6. A forever friend can look at your smile and still ask if you’re okay because they know you’re not.

7. A forever friend will tell you you are wrong and guide you as much as they can.

When you have a friendship like this with anyone, the deep connection will always be there. We never fell out, we just drifted but that doesn’t mean that we don’t still love each other. It just means we have more to talk about when we do. Even if it’s years apart, you can pick up from where you left… that’s your forever friend.

I am blessed to have many of these forever friends. Call me whenever you need me, I don’t care what the time is. Time and space means nothing in world of true friendship.

People get older, people change friendship groups, it’s a sad but very true part of life. These friends who have been with you by your side and would hate to see you fall down or struggle.

If you’re having a tough time, maybe reach out to one of these forever friends. I know that’s what I did and I managed to secure a safe trip back home to make sure I can be with my forever friends for the anniversary and time of year that took one of us away.

So in conclusion, friendship means everything. Short term or forever, whatever you do in life make sure you imprint on others, make sure whatever you do, you be kind and guide even if you only can for a short time. Be that person that everyone smiles about because you have one too many unforgettable nights with them.

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