Why women who stay single for long periods of time end up the happiest

There are many free dating sites for singles you can find, but for powerful women who choose to stay single it’s not something they would be interested on.

We all know someone who seems to have it all: beauty, wit, pleasing personality, and a positive outlook in life. Yet they leave you wondering why they have not found someone to share their life with. After all, who wouldn’t want to be with someone who embodies such admirable personality?!

Believe it or not, not all women desire to be in a serious relationship or spend their time on free dating sites for singles. In fact, there are women who stay out of a relationship for a long time, not because no one wanted to be with them but because they are happy and contented with their own company. If you will take the time to observe the demeanor of these people, you would notice that they are oozing with confidence.

They do not look for validation from other people because they are the kind of women who are comfortable in their own skin. Because of this, psychologists believe that women who stay single for a long time before engaging in a relationship, turn out to be happier than those who jump from one relationship to another.

One reason why women who stay single for a long time ends up the happiest is that they are comfortable with the lack of intimacy in their everyday lives. In simple terms, their happiness does not rely on the company of other people but comes from within themselves. So whether they are with their friends, family, and loved ones, or alone in a Sunday afternoon, the happiness in their heart remains the same.

Another factor why women who stay single for a long time seems to enjoy life the fullest is because they are more likely to focus and live in the moment unfolding in their lives. They do not attend an event all by themselves, only to wish that things would be better if their special someone is right by their side. In short, they are always present at the moment to savor and enjoy it.

In addition, women who are not in a committed relationship is free to chase after their own ambitions without hesitation and guilt. They are not obliged to always make time for a significant someone; their minds are not preoccupied with the stress of keeping a relationship alive, and their life does not revolve around someone.

In short, their attention, time, mind, and heart are solely dedicated to chasing their dreams. Thus, it is not surprising to see women who are not in a relationship, become successful in their career.

Also, since women who have been single for a long time is not in a serious relationship, they have all the time in the world to get to know themselves better. This way, they can figure out what they want in their life, what they would like to do, and what specific things they are looking for in a relationship. In short, their life is heading in a specific direction.

Because women who have been single for a long time are strong and independent, they will not consume themselves in the process of loving someone. They are not clingy, and they know that a healthy relationship is composed of two people who have a life outside the relationship. So instead of being paranoid when their man is out with his friends, an independent woman’s mind is at peace as she enjoys her own glass of wine.

And since a woman who has been single for a long time truly knows herself, she will not tolerate being shortchanged in a relationship. She knows what her worth is, thus she won’t settle for anything less. She knows that she deserves to be respected, taken care of, and loved, and so she won’t hesitate to leave if she’s not getting what she deserves.

Lastly, women who have been single for a long time before engaging in a serious romantic relationship ends up being the happiest, because they already have an existing source of inner happiness. Thus, when they are involved in a romantic relationship, their happiness merely adds up.

It is impossible to dim a light that shines from within. The same goes to women who are comfortable in their own skin, who know themselves better than anyone, who aren’t afraid to chase after their dreams, and understand that there is more to life than childish relationships. Cheers to the women who loved themselves first before anyone else!

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