Kid solves three Rubik cubes in record time – while juggling them in the air!

Most of us are familiar with the multi-colored puzzle cube, in which the player needs to twist and turn its little squares so each side of the cube can form its corresponding color. This multicolored puzzle is what we commonly know as the “Rubik’s Cube,” which was invented by the Hungarian sculptor named Erno Rubik.

Since its introduction to the market in the year  1974, the Rubik cube has been a favorite puzzle of both children and adults. According to experts, less than 6 percent of the world’s population can solve the Rubik’s cube. And up to this day, people are still figuring out different ways and techniques to solve this complex puzzle.

However, while the rest of the world is still in the process of figuring out how to solve the complex Rubik cube, a 12-year-old boy in China had raised the bar in solving the cubic puzzle. In just 5 minutes and 6.61 seconds, Que Jianyu solved not only one but three rubik cubeswhile juggling them in the air! 

Watch the video below and see for yourself how the 12-year-old World Guiness Records Awardee  accomplished this incredible feat, of successfully having the fastest time to solve three Rubik cubes while juggling, and made history in front of national TV.

Source: Guiness World Records

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