Horse barn transformed into a luxurious home — the inside is breathtaking

It sure is hard to imagine that the following breathtaking photos of a luxurious house below used to be an old barn.

With creativity and a wild imagination, a couple beautifully transformed the 2,7000 square-foot barn in Lacy Lakeview, Texas into a luxury home.

Horse barn transformed into a luxurious home

As featured in a popular home transformation show Fixer Upper, hosted by the couple Chip and Joanna, the old 2,7000 square-foot barn now dubbed as a ‘barndominium’ is becoming a popular rental property.

The now spacious luxurious home boasts five bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a jaw-dropping scenic view.

The couple, chip and joanna
Chip and Joanna | Magnolia

Due to its popularity, the barndominium which used to be a rental property attracted tourists which caused concerns to its neighborhood.

Hence, the homeowner decided to put the transformed barn on the market. Check out the pictures below to see why a lot of people are dying to get their hands on this gorgeous property!

Outside photo of the transformed barn

For the exterior design of the transformed home, Chip and Joanna decided to keep the original structure of the barn to give it an exotic charm.

To make up for its rustic appeal, the couple painted the walls white to give them a bright, modern, and clean look.

A photo of the beautiful bedroom

With skylights and light hues, the bedroom sure looks inviting as it gives an airy, open, and light feeling.

With each bedroom looking like this, who would ever want to get out of bed?!

A photo of the modern bathroom

The wood paneled walls combined with a sleek glass for the bathroom sure is a perfect match and looks good together!

A photo of the toilet and mirror

The bathroom is spacious as well and is also perfect for couples and big families!

A photo of one of the bedrooms

The creative home designers were able to incorporate some ‘barn’ elements in the transformed home.

For instance, the 2,7000-square-foot barn’s wooden ladder serves as a beautiful accent to the chic bedroom pictured above.

The lobby of the transformed barn

The open-space dining room pictured above is perfect for big families who are enjoying a nice meal after not seeing each other for so long!

The gorgeous dining table

And who wouldn’t be inspired to cook delicious meal in a kitchen as gorgeous as the one pictured below?

The breathtaking scenic view outside the window will surely help someone dish out delicious food.

The beautiful kitchen

In case you have just the right number of family members, you would still be able to enjoy a delicious meal together with your loved ones at a smaller but still charming dining table.

Dining table set up gorgeously done

One of the unique accents of the transformed home is the salvaged barn door used in the living room. The sliding barn door is also a good ice breaker to talk about with people coming over.

A beautiful corner in the house to relax

The open spaces, natural lights coming inside the home makes it a perfect place to relax and replenish ones energy.

A small library

With its well-thought out architectural design, even the nooks of the transformed barn can be used as a mini-office or mini-library. Reading a book in this cozy place surely is a heavenly dream!

A door leading to the outdoor area

The architectural design of the house makes it appear like a picture perfect doll house!

A child's bedroom

The transformed barn is also a paradise for kids! Its child-inviting bedroom with Lego blocks will surely encourage kids to be creative and imaginative! The artistic photo of a barn hanging on the wall makes the room even more charming!

Beautiful dining table and chairs

Whoever will be able to get their hands over this gorgeous property will never have a dull meal. After all, with its exquisite interior design and cozy ambiance, even a plain water would taste better here!

A farm house style door

The barndominium surely is a chic and nice place to live at. Its cozy ambiance, warm atmosphere, and airy environment is very refreshing and relaxing to see. Whoever will be the new owner of this home surely is a lucky human!

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