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Mom of quadruplets shares incredible before-and-after photos of her awe-inspiring pregnancy

Be sure to reach the end of this article to see the 2023 photo update!

After giving birth to her first child four years ago, Lindsay Hay, 28, suffered from multiple miscarriages.

So, it came as a shock to her and her husband, Syman Hay, when her ultrasound last year revealed that they were having quadruplets.

The couple couldn’t believe their luck. Their wish of having another child finally came true, but they never thought that they would end up being blessed with four more!

Doctors told Lindsay that the reason for her miscarriages was her poor egg quality, so they put her on a hormone drug called Follistim. On cycle 3 of the treatment, she conceived the quadruplets.

Lindsay and Syman were ecstatic, but some of her doctors weren’t as excited as they were about the pregnancy.

Lindsay was 5-foot-2 and about 115 pounds at the time, and doctors doubted whether her small body could handle such a huge pregnancy.

They said it might be unsafe for her and the babies. Her reproductive endocrinologists also suggested that they consider doing a selective pregnancy reduction.

But Lindsay believed in herself; she chose to keep them all. Then finally, on July 23, 2019, she welcomed her four bundles of joy, Caiden Michael, Madison Grace, Lucas Willam, and Grayson James, into the world!

All four of them needed breathing support when they were born via C-section at 30 weeks and 4 days.

The quadruplets stayed in the NICU for 45 days, which Lindsay described as worry-free and “uneventful” because all of them were “thriving”.

Last month, Lindsay, who is also an online influencer, shared side-by-side photos that wowed her 236,000 Instagram followers.

One was of a mirror selfie showing her enormous baby bump during her third trimester of pregnancy, and the other was a snapshot of her holding her quadruplets.

“IN & OUT DAY! I carried these sweet babies for 30 weeks and 4 days on the inside and here they are at 30 weeks and 4 days on the outside!” began the caption of her post. “Full hands, full heart is an understatement!”

The picture on the left was taken during the summer, and Lindsay remembers how uncomfortable she felt then.

It was almost impossible for her to stand, but she is grateful that she made it that far in her pregnancy. Looking back on her photos, all she could think was, “My little body did that?!”

Lindsay’s body underwent a tremendous change because of the pregnancy, and the incredible experience revealed ‘strengths’ that she didn’t even know she could have.

“Behind these babies are new marks, rolls, and skin you can’t see but they also came with new strengths I didn’t have before either.

We have been so BLESSED and I won’t ever let myself take this life for granted,” she concluded the post.

Lindsay says that contrary to what reality TV shows, life with higher-order multiples is easier than it appears. But, of course, it comes with its own hardships.

The mother of five says that she is always moving and she doesn’t get the greatest sleep anymore, but the media tends to make it look more dramatic than it actually is.

Here is their newest PHOTO UPDATE posted on Instagram:

With five wonderful children, we can only imagine the overwhelming amount of joy and energy in the Hay household!

Follow Lindsay Hay on Instagram, where she documents her big family’s daily adventures.

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Sunday 24th of April 2022

There absolutely Beautiful so Adorable good luck to Youse and your 5 Beautiful Children Love ♥️ To You All XXXXXX

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